Lewisham PROTEST watch learn this is how we fight back:

Riot police were called to south London after protesters tried to force their way into a town hall.

The Metropolitan Police said initially there was a small rally outside the building in Lewisham at about 1900 GMT, but it swelled to about 100 people.

Some of the protesters managed to enter the building and officers in riot gear were sent to disperse them.

So protesters against cuts have stormed the council meeting in Lewisham and are fighting riot police way forward then?

Fucking come on bring it on I know we are no where near a revolution agreed but fuck you can not but be inspired that each day each week there is more news of people fighting back: Word has from the Front line in Lewisham this is a full scale riot:

Around 400 people rallied outside Lewisham town hall this evening against plans by the Labour run council to make £60 million cuts.

The protest, organised by Lewisham Anti-Cuts Alliance, was boosted by a large feeder march of university students from Goldsmiths College.

After a rally many people rushed into the town hall to voice opposition to the cuts. Around 100 protesters managed to get in.

Police then attacked the protesters with dogs, riot shields and truncheons.

It is understood several arrests were made. Police said the incident was now over.

Nearby streets, including the A205 South Circular Road, were cordoned off for about an hour on Monday evening, but have now reopened.

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