Pye Bank School Sheffield

The Sheffield schools are regarded as the best surviving collection of ‘Board Schools’ outside London. In 2003 the school was moved to a new building that was built on the former St Catherine’s RC Primary School site. All of Innocent’s surviving Sheffield schools are Grade II Listed Buildings. However today, a significant proportion of these Victorian structures are being replaced by a brand new school building programme. Pye Bank School stands in a prominent position on the hillside with great views across the city.

Following the 1870 Education Act, the newly elected Sheffield School Board constructed 39 new schools in the city. Pye Bank School being one of them.

One of the original Sheffield Board Schools, designed by architects Innocent and Brown. The school opened in 1875 and closed  in 2003 and a new school has been built lower down the hill. There was on sight security up to 2006, this went remote and was active even if you walked pass on the outside it would ask you to move of..

We have been going back for some time, though we manged to get inside the rest  of the images are here, it is boarded up on both floors and the smell of rot, then the remote security kicked off..





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