The Illuminati and The Petite Bourgeoisie..

There is no doubt The Illuminati gave us The Government they wanted, as they did in 1997 with New Labour and lets not forget the kicking in we got from them over 13 years, the lack of response from The Petite Bourgeoisie was expected, of course we know those involved in Millbank was The lower Middle Class so The Mail On Sunday are right in telling us this, but what made events at Millbank was the very fact it was The Petite Bourgeoisie..

No doubt The Illuminati are now feeding us the misinformation in the media, it goes without saying, that when us The Working Class see such actions as Millbank we are going to feel empowered and just might think fuck if they can do why not us?

This is why Ian Bone is right, now 5 days on The Media are still going on, it was much the same with The Poll Tax Riots, there in fear we need to keep that fear going and no doubt The Illuminati will concede something to bring back The Petite Bourgeoisie in line, but we all know the horse has left the fucking stable is now on a rampage, we need not let matters become calm and in the next coming weeks we need to be out there with The Petite Bourgeoisie rolling up our sleeves and getting a little stuck in, lets hope this is one fire that one extinguisher can not put see you on The Streets we either take now or stay the same..

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