We either take now or stay the same.

Phil Woolas continues to linger around Westmister like the bad smell he is but astonishingly Labour MPS have rallied to his authoritarian racist cause. As if the full frontal assault by the Tories on our class wasn’t the thing to get annoyed about instead they leap in ravening self interest to defend Woolas.

At a meting of the PLP last night Harriet Harman was alomost lynched for suspending Woolas from the party. One MP described her as having been ‘monstered’ by her fellow Labour MPs. So this is the cause they will mutiny and die for……..a seedy, nasty, authoritarian racist little runt. No doubt this mutiny will have the full support of McDonnell,Cruddas and all. Pass the sickbag.

Ian Bone

Historically the party was broadly in favour of socialism, as set out in Clause Four of the original party constitution, and advocated socialist policies such as public ownership of key industries, government intervention in the economy, redistribution of wealth, increased rights for workers, the welfare state, publicly-funded healthcare and education.

Beginning in the late-1980s under the leadership of Neil Kinnock, and subsequently under John Smith and Tony Blair, the party moved away from socialist positions and adopted free market policies, leading many observers to describe the Labour Party as Social Democratic or Third Way, rather than democratic socialist, but we know that they have never been democratic socialist but a part of the petty bourgeois..

There was not a murmur from the petty bourgeois as they kicked in The Working Class, no the likes of The SWP told us to vote for them.

Let us neither forgive forget the 13 years of New Labour and other class traitors, so Labour MPs are in open ‘mutiny’ over Harriet Harman’s decision to expel Phil Woolas well that comes as no real surprise..

It was always the premise that there was no leadership for the working class, this proves that The Class War against us continues, from attacks on Benefits this is an all out Class War it just depends which side you are on, I know what I desire a mutiny of The Working Class against the very petty bourgeois of scum like The SWP and other far left..

It has been a saying of mine for some time..

We either take now or stay the same.. Onwards and upwards Sisters Brothers Comrades our time is now let us rise..

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