Turners Industrial Park Sheffield

This is Turner Business Park Richmond Park Road Sheffield S13 8HT over the road is ASDA and the sight is part live.. There is a big f-off fence round, and i thought erm perhaps not but i had a mooch and i found a means into have a look round i could here smashing up..

The Chavs was hard at work then? I shouted and off the little rats ran to where this scum come from. On my own i have a good walk round..

Then out with the camera.. The place is due for demolition and what more can be said it is an empty Industrial Park in Sheffield..

Oh i used to go to school to 1971 up the road so i would have passed each day.. Then i was in a childrens home called Todwick Grange even further up the road in a village called Todiwick and i do remember passing from 1975/1978 and then during a strike in 1984 on me way to the former Orgreave Coking Plant, next to where ASDA used to be, before it moved here around 1994..






Thanks for looking.. Black n white as i have been reading Priomo Levi (If This is a Man) it was the mood of the place..

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