No solidarity with the bosses in their pathetic hypocritical struggles

With some departments saying they intend to announce redundancies before the end of the year, and welfare and housing benefit cuts expected to mean increased poverty and homelessness, Christmas for many families could be bleak.

“Hundreds of thousands of others face a new year which will be marked by the government’s insistence that mass unemployment is a price worth paying to achieve its ambition to undermine the welfare state. We can not allow this to go unchallenged.”

Mark Serwotka


I  have been thinking about this a lot – there’s a lot of anti-cuts campaigns that I wouldn’t usually get involved with as I feel there’s a lack of thorough analysis. Movements campaigning against cuts to the arts, for example, but not framing this within the wider context of tory ideology, political disempowerment and class war, are for me very problematic. I’ve been pleased to see some callouts actually doing the framing, for example one earlier this week I believe said that art is not just for the rich, which made me very happy to support that campaign. I’ve also been very impressed to see so much of the usual infighting being left to one side, and a lot of the old IWW spirit, “an attack on one is an attack on all” etc. But it’s when the filth start complaining about cuts to their profession that I start thinking fuck off – they’d be the ones beating the shit out of us for defending our jobs etc.

I’m more and more coming to see the importance of another part of IWW philosophy, it’s kind of obvious but I think well worth pointing out to answer some of my concerns.

Sometimes we lose sight of the distinction between boss and worker, as classes (obviously, as I don’t want to make a distinction between someone who works and someone unemployed on that basis alone, I’m long-term unemployed myself).

I’m not all that familiar enough with The PCS  to make proper comments, but to my reading, someone who pushes someone else into a specific job with threats is very much boss class. People who’ll be grabbing tightly onto their jobs and pushing everyone else off with pleasure. Which is exactly what my experience has been like for a few years.

Obviously there are issues – The PCS is presumably not just boss class so we need to think about ways to support those who need support and confronting those who need to be confronted. But if people who happily fuck over other workers without a moment’s thought are now asking for our help, they need a good kicking.


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