A NEW brand is to be launched to market Sheffield

A NEW brand is to be launched to market Sheffield.The logo, which has cost £15,000 to develop, is the word ‘Sheffield’ written in stencilling, accompanied by the slogan “The Future Made”. Its shortened form is simply the letter ‘S’.

So we are been told that 8500 are to go at Sheffield City Council, perhaps people are so negative because they see how much damage has been done to Sheffield by the big hitters who’ve come and gone after trousering their £100k+ salaries – remember that people like Alison Nimmo ( former Chief Exec Sheffield One – now trousering nearly £250k working for one of the London Olympic quangos) and Sir Bob Kerslake (former Sheffield Council Chief Exec – on £200k+ working for a Housing quango) have left as their legacy = a city centre that in parts will never get redeveloped in the next 10 years. They were the ones for negotiating the contracts etc for the city centre redevelopment but they moved on before finishing the job. They were only ever interested in their own career development – not the future of Sheffield and it’s citizens.

Oh and we still have an organisation called Creative Sheffield with several execs on £100k+ and the Canadian Chief Exec they hired left after 2 years – another one who didn’t finish the job..

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