The PCS can in words just fuck off..

Many workers and the unemployed are fed up with the TUC’s decision not to call a national demo against the Cuts till 5 months after the spending review. The PCSU are now pushing for a big London demo on december 11th. Here’s the info from the PCS  NEC meeting

“At its special meeting on 26 October, the NEC agreed, given the speed with which the Government’s cuts will impact and the success of the 23 October marches and protests, that a national demonstration should be held this year in late November or early December, in addition to the demo next March.

“The PCS be discussing this with other unions and will propose at the TUC Public Sector Liaison Group meeting on 8 November that the TUC call such a demonstration.

Out of the PCS Union branches in Sheffield from across the Departments (DWP, DfEd, BIS, Home Office, HMRC etc etc) comes a call for a grassroots, labour movement led anti-cuts movement in Sheffield.

The inaugaral meeting will be on 24th November, 5pm at the Sheffield Novotel. This meeting will bring together workers, trade unionists, students, pensioners, the unemployed, volunteers, community campaigners and the people of Sheffield in general to set up a working, grassroots and fully democratic body of action to fight and mobilise against the cuts. Sheffield Anti-Cuts Campaign Speaking out in support of public services in Sheffield

Wednesday 24th November
5:30 p.m. – Furnival Suite,
Novotel Hotel, Arundel Gate Sheffield, S1 2PR

We The unemployed need to add our voice to the campaign and speak up for public services to help ensure that the people who paid for the bailout don’t have to pay for it AGAIN with their jobs and services and attacks on our beanafits.

This initial meeting aims to bring together Sheffield Trade Unions, community groups and students to discuss how best to organise and campaign against the cuts – all are welcome to attend.

For further information contact

As an unemployed person I have an issue with workers at the DWP they’re the people that place people onto slave labour work at A4E and such crap placements, the people that stop people’s income if they fail to comply to being on crap placements such as A4E..

They’re the people who refuse to see us, the unemployed, as human. It seems we are being asked to campaign at their side and save their jobs..

But when New Labour’s New Deal came in the PCS did not take strike action, not a murmur and those who did take action the so called workers phoned the police and had us nicked..

As an unemployed personI will defend people and there jobs, but unity comes both ways and in the last few days I have had to deal with The DWP and once more I have been treated like nothing more than scum by front line workers, all I asked was a change of addres form.

They in turn become aggressive and in body language ie pointing a finger at my chest saying I was the one being abuse..

So when has hello could you help, I need a change of address form been abusive? This was all what was said in turn I had staff and securtiy giving myself full on intimidation and harassment, these front line workers place us unemployed in fear.

But when us unemployed begin to organise they say we are attacking them as happened to myself last few days, once more these cunts have proven why a lot of people who are unemployed treat them with contempt:

Perhaps they need to ponder their actions towards us the unemployed and understand trust and respect will be given back when they’re on the picket line, but as it stands at the moment The PCS can in words just fuck off..

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