Ian Bone is right once more:

This from his Blog.

On November 20th the STWC is organising a march which they say is ‘crucial’ and will be ‘massive’. Organise your coach now. The route will be Hyde Park to Trafalgar Square where you will listen to Tony Benn, Lindsay German……….zzzzzzz.

Of all organisations STWC should recognise the law of diminishing returns on repeat marches but they are totally incapable of thinking of a new tactic – leave alone acting on it. On November 6th  UAF are organising a march to Trafalgar Square where you can listen to Tony Benn…….zzzzz.

Next MARCH the TUC are organising what realy should be a huge march – from Hyde  Park to trafalgar square where you can listen to Tony Benn…….ZZZZZ.. None of these marhes will achieve anything. The first spasms against the cuts have resulted in local marches all over the country.

But what now? Go home and wait for the TUC coach to London? Phil Ochs had a great song called ‘I aint marching any more’. The only march that ever achieved anything was the Poll Tax riot and if that had ended in just a rally Thatcher would still be in fucking Downing Street.

OK -Ian Bone is railing against an easy and well worn target here. It’s up to us to come up with something more effective rather than whining about the failures of others. Flash mobs, occupations, direct action guerilla war of blocking streets and swiftly moving on………..whatever……at least we need to have some debate and ideas.

If the sum total of our thoughts is just to go on the TUC march next year with a banner saying ‘Direct Action Bloc’ we’re fucked. Carrying a banner saying ‘Direct Action Bloc’ is not direct action.If ever the imaginaton was needed to seize power it is now

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