bleak beauty bucolic

Hello, it has been the strangest of 4 years and, as this comes to an end, i discover new playgrounds or horizons within myself..

The wait has began and the change is in the wind, a cold northern one going through my mind and if all else fails remember the cunts

There are rumours going round of how i have harassed once more, plus more bullshit and lies..

All we can do is wait and time in itself will give us what we are looking for in the form of questions we ask will come a reply..

If all goes to plan the events of 4 years plus will have been worth the journey of conflict, yes i came looking for peace but i guess with my history, my reputation that will be, at times, hard to find.

I hope the next move to a place i have always desired to live will be the last one, will the dream of not speaking for six months be so near?

Just a word on the cunts i have no revenge to serve, either warm or cold, you deal with your own fears, in time they become nothings as in the nothing that you are, in this light reacting to your trespass against myself would a be trespass against you..

Time to move and look for better ways in dealing, that would be anarchy then and i do hope to see you on the coming front lines and that we can just say that was then, this is now and lets get on with fighting the class war not each other.

Communique Ends..

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