The old politics died a long time ago, a shame nobody told the left.

It’s a funny old world – what with Anarchists opposing
– the shrinking of the state
– the shrinking of the police force
– the shrinking of the prison population
– the shrinking of the armed forces
– the reform of a bloated welfare system that is encouraging our class into idleness and lifelong poverty…………………

Conservatives are more libertarian than most lefties. Sounds about right.
Lefties cling to their dated ideologies which were formed hundreds of years ago in a completely different and alien world. Ideologies formed to help a working class that largely toiled in fields and mills owned by very rich people.
BUT … the bosses today are themselves probably working class, born and bred, and still see themselves as working class no matter what some leftie says. Todays working class (emphasis on ‘working’) also have absolutely nothing in common with the non working chavs and criminals that live amongst them, and will NEVER dream of showing solidarity with them, again despite what lefties say.
Todays middle classes feature many that were born working class and whose family members are still working class, (e.g.granny stll chooses to live in her working class council flat while junior is at uni paid for by daddies income from his well paid middle class job).

Lefties would have that these modern day families be at each others throats in class envy and hatred!! Ludicrous. The only time in my life where I was surrounded by middle class people and hardly saw anyone who was working class was during my leftie activist days… hmmm. Yes, the left does irony it seems.
The left as progressive though? what a joke. It doesn’t know what the word progress means as lefties are actually shit scared of change, especially if it involves questioning their outdated 200 year old belief system. Most religions have adopted and/or adapted to more change in the last 200 years than the left has.

The old politics died a long time ago,

a shame nobody told the left.

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