With god on our side we shall overcome..

Great news about the miners rescue. A real testament to human endeavour that we have the ability to pull off such a rescue. This is a first in mining history and it is sobering to think that a few decades ago these men would have been doomed and of course in mining history, many, many miners have met that fate. Mining always was and remains a dangerous industry and miners the world over really are the salt of the earth in every sense. So I salute them and share the happiness of the Chilean people at this happy ending.

Of course Chile is a religious country and if prayers and faith got them and their families through this then all well and good. Who am I to disparage that. However, I am a little tired of the media and politicians etc thanking god and calling this a miracle. Over the next few weeks we can expect religous leaders the world over to lecture us on miracles and god’s mercy etc. And this irritates me.

If, as has been the result in innumerable other cases of trapped miners, this had ended in tragedy would the same people be blaming god? Telling us that god allowed them to die? No. Of course they wouldn’t. In such circumstances god is conveniently ignored. Fine he shouldn’t be blamed of course, we can’t blame that which is none existent but at least be consistant. Why then does he get dragged out and thanked when things go well?

We should celebrate this rescue by thanking humanity not gods. It wasn’t the prayers to god that rescued those workers it was men. God deserves no thanks, he was noticeably absent from proceedings as he is noticeably absent from all our affairs. Does he answer the prayers of the child trapped in an earthquake? No, her prayers and pleadings go unanswered. If by some good fortune her prayers are answered ,it is by man not god. It is to man and the best of man that we should be thankful. To the engineers who made it possible.

There was an article on 7/7 on the news yesterday and it concerned a parent of a woman tragically killed in the attacks. She was previously a vicar and followiing 7/7 she quit.She lost her faith. I watched it and thought about that for a moment. Terrible things happen all the time, every level of awful tragedy and that didn’t bother this vicar at all. She quite happily went on preaching her pap about god through wars and terrible crimes and all kinds of natural disasters and heartbreaking stories without missing a step and then, when tragedy struck her, she lost her faith. What hypocrisy. If faith can be destroyed when tragedy strikes close then what are we to make of such faith when it remained untouched by the tragedies of others.?

When will people wake up and realise that we owe no thanks to god no more than we should aim our anger his way.BECAUSE HE ISN’T THERE.

Our thanks and yes our anger when things go bad should be aimed at the right target. humanity.

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