Rookinella aka The famous five at Arbroath Court

This is a cross post from a private forum:

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Im not sure if im meant to tell everyone what has gone on… then again i dont care.

Rookinella and her band of merry men were caught inside Stracathro hospital, and got arrested for being found in an enclosed space and for intent to steal.

Now keep this quiet, this is strictly between you and I, because Rookinella (Lucy Sparrow) probably does not want this information getting back to her parents (Same situation, would you want your parents to find out?), so whatever you do please dont tell anyone (Like Mark Sparrow, her dad).

Anyway, the upshot of it is that they have to attend court on the 11th of August, now i personally think that with previous convictions such swag hags as Rookinella are probablly caking it right now, but that is just personal opinion.

Anyway, they have to attend the Forfar Sheriff court on the 11th August to have the final sentence handed down to them. Now normally we would have to rely on those involved to report back on the proceedings of the day, but miracle or miracles i find myself otherwise engaged locally to forfar around that time, so selflessly i am willing to attend court and report back full and factual information to the urbex community as a whole on the proceedings of the day.

As some people had noticed, the online listings for Forfar showed that they were not listed to be in court there.  None of the other local courts showed them listed either, but a wee bit digging soon turned up the fact that they had just been re-assigned to Arbroath from Forfar, which was more or less the same distance from where I was on Tuesday, so I decided to have a look along anyway.

Round about 9:15 the merry bunch arrived, and as had been promised on one of the urbex sites, Rookinella offered me a chocolate orange.  I had no interest in it, but as there was a homeless guy sitting on the next bench along so I said she should just give it to the tramp.  She didnt pass it to the homeless guy, but she did unwrap it and eat some, so I guess a tramp got it in the end, just not the one I was thinking of.

Anyway, the day was somewhat of a damp squib court-wise, as the group were sent away after about an hour or so after court opened session for the day, meaning for those coming from Brighton a 1,000+ mile round trip to not even bother appearing in court.  Summons for them to return to Arbroath will be in the post for them to re-attend soon however, so I’ve set a script monitoring the Arbroath listings for their appearance and other methods checking also, so assuming I’m free around the time of the new date then I’ll no doubt make a second visit.

The famous five at Arbroath CourtThe famous five at Arbroath Court


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One response to “Rookinella aka The famous five at Arbroath Court

  1. Comatus

    Fucking serves ’em right, to be honest. It’s people like them who mess up urbex for everyone else.

    By the way, if you’re ever in the Poole area, there’s a very interesting Royal Navy cordite factory site on Holton Heath. Most of it is gone, but there’s a bit of factory in good nick. Some photos are here –

    But the real best bit is the massive underground diesel reservoir on the main part of the site. There aren’t any photos of it on the DA account because it was too dark to do it justice, but it’s really worth seeing – a huge underground chamber (well, 2 actually) with massive pillars supporting the roof. Well worth a visit – if you’re considering it get in touch and I’ll supply you with maps etc.

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