The Wheel of Sheffield

London’s got one, Paris has got one and now Sheffield had one too. The Wheel of Sheffield stands at almost 60 meters, and towers over all other buildings in the Fargate area.

One of the city’s most iconic new landmarks, is spinning to a halt – with a decision to close it three months early. Great City Attractions, which owns the 200ft Ferris wheel, has announced plans for the last ride, This date has however been brought forward to October 31st 2010, when WTA plan to dismantle the wheel and relocate it to Hyde Park, London.

It opened on 20 July 2009, and was intended to remain until January 2010. However, planning permission was sought for a further year of operation, and was to remain until at least January 2011.It is estimated that more than half a million people have already been on the wheel since it opened last year on July 20.
But it proved so popular in its first six months that planning permission was sought and granted for a further year of operation – with revised plans to keep it in the city until at least January 2011. A fall in numbers and an opportunity to relocate the attraction in the capital is understood to be behind a decision to now halt the wheel earlier than planned.

The wheel has 42 passenger cars, each with an eight-person capacity and a three-revolution trip on the wheel takes around 13 minutes. The ride features a commentary pointing out local landmarks and places of interest.

So rolled into town on the back of trucks and the comments of negativity began, i was one of them but i have grown to love this structure, now i will not be demanding it stays, things move on change is good.. Every where you look across Sheffield it stands peeking out, though i have not ridden The Wheel of Sheffield i have grown to love her and from a photographic point of view it has given some fine images, now i look forward to it been taken down..

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