Nick Clegg’s constituency of Sheffield to make 8,500 redundant


These official notices for 8,500 staff at Sheffield, coming on top of the notices for 26,000 in Birmingham, nail the lie that this government’s policies will not cost jobs and will lead to reduced services for the public and inferior terms and conditions for staff says The GMB.

The GMB confirmed on Monday September 27th 2010 that it had received from Sheffield City Council the official HR1 forms (advance notification of redundancies) on Friday 24th September regarding 8,500 staff employed by the council covering changes to terms and conditions and job levels.

Paul Kenny, The GMB General Secretary speaking from the Labour Party conference in Manchester said, “These official notices for 8,500 staff at Sheffield, coming on top of the notices for 26,000 in Birmingham, nail the lie that this government’s policies will not cost jobs and will lead to reduced services for the public and inferior terms and conditions for staff. Service users and service providers in both Sheffield and Birmingham will fight to protect services and jobs in both major cities.

Just as Sheffield housing services are facing a very real crisis

The GMB which represents approximately half of all staff employed at Sheffield Homes is concerned that despite the Lib Dem controlled Council having increased rents within Sheffield Homes by 3.6% they are determined to press for savings of £108,000 senior management costs. This will be on top of the £940,000 budget cut overall.

The trade union Shop Stewards from GMB, UNITE and UNISON have written jointly to Councillor Bob McCann (Lib Dem Council Cabinet member for Housing) to request an emergency meeting. Councillor McCann has subsequently refused to meet them.

Peter Davies, GMB Organiser said, “GMB know that the Lib Dems are claiming that they have challenged the company to find these savings without affecting front line services but in an organisation that has shed 191 jobs in 2 years that is simply impossible. The company are currently looking to find 40+ redundancies because of pressures on their budget, anyone who thinks that will be a simple case of shedding jobs at the top or cutting back on costs is kidding themselves.

If there is any doubt amongst voters with regard to what would be in store should the Lib Dems hold the sway of power in the next government then, they should look no further than Sheffield. They are clinging on Sheffield so I hope Sheffield Homes tenants are looking closely at this because the future of our housing services is facing a very real crisis already.”

The blame for this reduction in services and in jobs lie firmly at the door of David Cameron and Nick Clegg.” So we are told by trade union bureaucrats such as Peter Davies, who have done fuck all as front line staff have been told to provoke conflict with the public, then we can deny them service.

Of course this comes from direct experience, are not saying this is overall policy at Sheffield City Council it comes from direct experience.

Sheffield City Council under the former Labour Party administration of Blunkett, Betts & co used the finance allocated for the repair of Sheffield City Council housing stock to fight the former Conservative government before New Labour came to power in 1997, and in their 13 years they have attacked the very Working Class they proclaim to be fighting for (and lets not forget the role of The Left Wing).

They told The Working Class to: VOTE LABOUR WITH NO ILLUSIONS, in the years of The Conservative government and Labour government, we have seen half of Sheffield Homes demolished, the services go from crises to crises, homelessness increases in Sheffield and the front line workers asked to provoke conflict with the public, from The Libreral Democrats to Sheffield Green Party, we have been told this is not fact.

Very statist. What happened to reclaiming our land (see Marx history eh? ) and and fucking capitalism or is this being organised by the fatties such as in the NGO industry who were being paid off by Labour while the rest of us couldn’t get work (you weren’t bothered then were you? ). Face it, we don’t have a manufacturing base so who the fuck are you ‘servicing’ of not the square mile centre of global capialismo?????

Labour still pretending to be a friend of the underclasses in the UK caste system.  Still we,  do hate the Tories, but don’t think for one second that the Labour/The Liberal Democrats/ Green Party aren’t neo-fascists.

Of course, everyone wants something for free, but if someone is offering you something for free, you would be wise to be suspicious.

The central government is quite happy to maintain a redundant labour force to curtail wage inflation, so the unemployed are providing a valuable service to the ruling oligarchy.

The rulers are happy to provide free schooling because they get to set the curriculum, an influence the mind set of the next generation of their tax slaves.

Pensions directly support the financial service industry. Housing benefit supports the privet rental sector, which supports the financial service industry.

Whatever you think is being provided out of benevolence is designed to give a “kick back” to the ruling classes, you just have to look at it from out side of the left wing / right wing paradigm, pretty hard to do if you’ve been educated in the state system.

What are described as ‘public sector jobs’ can be seen as “government sector jobs” because the workers are accountable to the government, not the public. And the government is accountable to it’s underwriters, the financial institutions, not the public.

The financial services controls the government, and it’s the government that controls the public/government sector jobs, which in turn control us through policing, schooling, etc. Society truly functions as one single top down hierarchy. It is so designed to be in everyone’s interest to support the level above them. Of cause the public don’t like being robed, quite so directly as the “bail outs” because it confronts them with the reality of their own financial captivity.

While we are all fighting for the interests of our respective positions, we are avoiding the real issue.

If we get something for free, we lose the ability to make it for ourselves, and that includes the ability to make our own social provisions. We are losing contact with our most basic means of production and so, getting locked in to the system of exploitation, presided over by the rulers of the global financial services industry.

As 8,500 staff at Sheffield face advance notification of redundancies, we need to understand that the former Labour/Conservative Governments have attacked The Working Class. The cries of the left wing and trade union bureaucrats such as Peter Davies are nothing new, you can not reform capitalism but only work towards the abolition of the problem that is capitalism. want anarchy not anarchism, neither do we desire reform but a full on fight back uniting all workers under attack, be them unemployed or working. The only change we desire is revolution not reform, see you on the streets.

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