Lets the music speak and the people dance:


What, you’re an Anarchist.. I get it all the time and the misconception i have a cloak and my flat is a bomb making joint! For me everyday should be a holiday but it was a bank holiday and it was time for some music in one of the most wonderful parks in Sheffield: Western Park..


Over at Norfolk Park it was The Sheffield Fair and the same old reinforcement of history and how great we are as a nation, was going down and i have seen it twice, and three times was going to be too much so i was not going..


As an Anarchist i need not this bullshit, so Lords of The Flatbush was playing at Western Park, it was for charity, but this being The Children’s Hospital, so i had no real issue with the cause, just a shame we need chairity to make us act as humans, shame there is not the same thought of giving and mutual aid in everyday in life..


It was a cold, sunny bank holiday and when i got there some dude was covering M Jackson, so i was off to get supplies, i got back and the place was filling with people..


It was a good afternoon in the park and Flatbush blew the roof of The Band Stand, people danced and the smiles on people faces was something else, over at Norfolf Park i have no doubt the brain dead had a good time, but you know i have no time for reinforcement of british values, they stink to be frank.


Lets hope Western Party happens next year as a good alternative to The Sheffield Fair, it was rather fucking wonderful..


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