Egotistic publicity whoring and thieving cunts

Rook’s Ebay.…k&myworld=true

These ones?


Want is a desire we must overcome, i have no need for property or to own, this is why i take only images and leave footprints. Conversely you would be stealing (yes all property is theft) and could be done see here for a low down on the law and though i do not respect said laws of keeping those with property protected, for me urban exploration is far more than just filling a desire of need or want.. Enough said truth will allays come foreword, but no one will say sory for the doubt and finger of suspicion that was pointed in my direction. There is no issue in my mind about people taking stuff that will no doubt be skipped etc, but to take for gain is just crass, to damage for fun is just the same, and those who act in such a way are scum..

This being the egotistic publicity whoring and thieving cunt Lucy Sparrow

The sad thing about this whole affair is that some people dont seem to realise that this escapade with its “involved parties” wasnt by a long way the first incident like this, we have seen many carbon copy incidents already involving the same “explorers”. Thievery, publiciity, trashing of sites seems to be an ok way for them.

It is fucking disgusting behaviour all round and I am so glad I take nothing to do with certain egotistic publicity whoring and thieving cunts and never will.

Sickening, it’s things like this that will end up ruining exploring for those of us that would never stoop as low as vandalism or thievery.



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11 responses to “Egotistic publicity whoring and thieving cunts

  1. Dan

    Funnily enough she denies it’s her Ebay and yet on the second page there are some felt related sales and a load of shit for a Robin Reliant which she happens to drive, must be a massive coincidence.

    • Chris

      The box below contains the User IDs that this member has used on eBay.
      User ID Effective Date End Date
      brightonantiquities 13-Jun-10 Present
      rookinella 16-Sep-06 13-Jun-10

  2. Ben cooper

    my name is harry ( raddog ) and this is mine and stus ( dweeb ) ebay

    where we sell stuff we have stolen….

  3. The01Truth

    Like they stole from the Cardiff underground thing, and many other places they’ve been.

    People stupidly look up to these people, yet they are nothing more than pikey’s with jobs!!!

  4. Ben cooper

    anyone wnat to buy a lampshade from George Barnsleys ?

    be quick only 7 left of that style


    click on view more options then click on eBay Member User ID History and look who it is

    User ID Effective Date End Date
    brightonantiquities 13-Jun-10 Present
    rookinella 16-Sep-06 13-Jun-10


  6. The equalizer

    What a co-incidence. Bought a load of felt and slaginella has a website all about felt.

    Thieving gypo slut.

  7. A Fan

    I don’t know who you are, but I would like to shake your hand! I’ve been hoping this thieving minge whore would be exposed as the robbing slut that she is. If you had a donate button I’d send you some cash for your hard work and services to the community. Keep up the splendid work and long may you prosper!

  8. Rookinella the slut

    If you’d like to leave a message about my thieving, please do so at the links below –

  9. Rookinellas been on the rob again, she has just visited Woverhampton Eye Hospital as shown in the report on her own site, and suprise suprise, she is now selling Eye Charts nicked from there for 20 quid each on her Ebay account.…k&myworld=true

    Dirty scrounging hag.

  10. If that Ebay link doesn’t work, try this one.

    Full of feedback for the stuff she’s nicked and flogged on. No doubt her house is full of other nicked stuff ready to sell, or that’s she’s robbed for her own pleasure which will be sold at a later date.

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