Brixton Police Station, remember Sean Rigg

About 100 people demonstrated yesterday (21 August) afternoon in front of Brixton Police Station to remember the death of Sean Rigg, who got arrested on 21 August in 2008 by police,  “restrained” and transported to Brixton police station in the back of a van.  He was removed from the van in a collapsed state and died a short while after whilst in the station yard. He was 40 years old.

Brixton police station

List of victims of police violence.

Inside Brixton police station.

Speakers included many family members of victims of police brutality, including Sean Riggs sisters. Protestors enrolled a giant list with the names of victims of police violance in front of the station entrance.

Despite the obvious suspicious circumstances surrounding Sean’s death, the Independent Police Complaints Commission’s (IPCC) report completed in February 2010 with no results. Sean’s family described the report as “heavily biased in favour of the police”. In a statement, the family’s solicitor asked: “What happened to Sean in those crucial minutes between him being arrested and arriving  in a collapsed state at Brixton police station? Why haven’t they been  able to access key CCTV footage from the night?”

Speakers remembered the long history of police violence in London and also mentioned the death of Ian Tomlinson, who died during the G20 protest in 2009 after being beaten by police officers.

After the picket about  40 people tried to enter Brixton Police Station to talk to an offcial representative, but were denied access to the offices. They remained inside for about 15 minutes shouting “No Justice, no peace!” (video: )

The protest was followed by a public meeting in the Karibu Eductaion Centre in Brixton in the evening.

More information about the case of Sean Rigg:

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One response to “Brixton Police Station, remember Sean Rigg

  1. Why are the Met Police so concerned about Facts that “They conspired with Dr Freddy Patel, and HM Coroner Dr Paul Knapman with The extremely also, criminally Corrupt IPCC. CPS and the GMC to cover up the medical Murder of a young innocent man, a case of police thugs mistaken identity. ending up with “Irreversible Brain Damage. Then “PROVABLY” put to death.! For criminal blunders directly caused by MET Police.! Lies to unsuspecting unqualified junior Doctor causing a misdiagnosis leading to Respiratory Arrest. 1200ml of fluid had to be aspirated from his lungs by a team of 5 Nurses who “Cannot Be Traced By Police, Coroner, NHS “Baroness Barbara Young was the then Chief Executive.? Also played a major part in this cover up of MURDER. NO Inquest NO police Investigation, (Death in Custody.?) NO Toxicology report “Proving Murder.! Criminally corrupt Patel was Barred from giving evidence at an inquest held in Sep 2003. The victims death was FAKED in July 1991….???

    Regards Again, Sweeney

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