When the tears of rage have gone..

Three years as one stood at the crossroads of life, there was only one
direction it was Broomhill and I never dreamed I would live here never
mind say these words if circumstance was different one would not move.

There are Many thoughts in my head that I need to clear, one is anger and thoughts of getting my own back for those who have placed me here, the other is pain for the one person I love in the fucked up world and that they have to go through more uncertain times now that makes me cry if I was to be frank, I can deal with the consequence of my actions (if it was that fact).

However those who have managed to harass intimidate me to saying fuck it, to end there pain having them kicked etc., one of the most beautiful people I’ve had the privilege of knowing and this is what hurts, on top of the fact in time I face having to move.

David Spink and Jenfair Cook (friends of Smokers Die Younger), have waged a long term campaign, of phoning The Police and making false allegations that there in fear from myself, you need to read to statements from David Spink and Jenfair Cook, in this they state that because one is an Anarchist there in direct danger/under threat from me.

The lies/misinformation however dose not end there, I have lost a home one where for the first time in years I have become at ease and settled, I thought I would never say this but I love living in Broomhill and yes the home compared to what we are told to be right/normal is a slum.

But in thought to those living in The Prison Camp that is The Gaza Strip it is a fucking palace, though I live under fear/uncertainty it is nothing compared to follow brothers sisters of this world and what there going through, this has kept me going.

As I write this there are thoughts of taking action against them, but that would just be un-Anarchist of me, love is much a better weapon, ive waisted a life in conflict with people, it has brought me here, there is no doubt David Spink and Jenfair Cook are acting out of fear, they have been told by others my history/reputation had there minds made up..

The true spirit of Anarchy has lost ground to people who are actually just lefties in libertarian clothing. We was wrong to think that the old-school Anarchists and others could drop their sectarianism/fear and work to promote the beautiful idea. It’s time for something completely new.

In time I shall move on from the hurt/anger I feel at losing my home, it
will hurt for a while, in my old age I dislike uncertainty it has been a
whole year of fear/paranoia wondering what ill be coming home to next. Is that person looking at me and so it has gone on, I write this not as act of revenge.

It is an act of honesty, in the hope the friends that have been lost in
the last year/weeks will understand and that the like of Smokers Die
Younger can not go round and lie about people based on there ignorance, there actions have had a real impact, if you know them/ friends with them think on that there lies/bullshit has lost me my home, lost me friends..

It has made my Anarchism more stronger, in time life will move on, I was happy in Broomhill in my circumstance, it took me a while to get to Broomhill from a nervous brake down following Matilda, kicking an
addiction to cannabis one of the hardest things I have done in my life, to kicking the bullshit I have worked hard at de-toning myself only to find myself here.

I shall never surrender to the bigots in this life, and I know the real
enemy of freedom is fear is it not time we moved on from there and begin to understand people change?

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One response to “When the tears of rage have gone..

  1. Comatus

    I don’t know all the ins and outs of this story (Sheffield’s a long way away, and I hadn’t even heard of Smokers Die Younger before I looked them up just now), but I hope you’re able to get through this, even if it feels difficult at the moment. ‘As I write this there are thoughts of taking action against them, but that would just be un-Anarchist of me, love is much a better weapon’ – very true, something that is often forgotten / ignored by many anarchists. Best wishes.

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