Rich Scumbag To Decide The Fate Of The Poor


Asset stripper and major arsehole, Sir Philip Greed – sorry Green, has been appointed by David Cameron as an advisor on government spending. The irony, of course, is that the government would have more money in their pot if thieving bastards like Green paid their way.

Among other things Green is the boss of Ardadia, which owns clothing giant Top Man. Taveta Investments, the company used to acquire Arcadia in 2002, is in the name of Green’s wife, Cristina Green, a Monaco resident, avoiding millions of pounds in tax that would be payable if a UK resident owned the company. When Green paid his family £1.2bn in 2005, it was paid for by a loan taken out by Arcadia, cutting Arcadia’s corporation tax as interest charges on the loan were offset against profits.

In comparison, staff at Arcadia were told in 2005 that members of its final salary pension scheme must increase contributions by half and work five years longer to qualify for the same payout. If this sounds familiar to anyone it’s because the government is currently doing the same thing to the rest of us.

Millions of people have been robbed of their pensions by rich scumbags like Green and now the government is forcing people to work longer to pay for what they and their cronies have stolen. Big business takes more from the public purse than it gives and the Tories have the cheek to call people on the dole ‘scroungers’; this is because the government – all government – is implicit in the biggest stitch-up in history. The cuts are just one part of the great government swindle.

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One response to “Rich Scumbag To Decide The Fate Of The Poor

  1. zico

    well said mate. The papers keep banging on about “benefit scroungers” costing us 4.5 billion a year, yet nuLiebour gave the banks half a bloody trillion quid, which would cover the cost of “benefit scroungers” for a 100 years!

    Milton Friedman would be ecstatic.

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