Working Class Anarchist are few far between

There are some good comments (others are under censorship) about the Bradford EDL march and the call for demos from the Unite Against Fascism (UAF) and The Stop Racism and Fascism (SRF) and the debate about how antifascists should oppose them.

“My own opinion on this has long been more in line with the SRF position. In relation to Bradford, last week I reiterated that antifascism needs to be “a non-hierarchical grassroots movement, based upon radical, working-class opposition to the state and capitalism” ready to engage in militant, physical resistance to fascism.” check it out here

Agreed it has be nothing more nothing less, it has to be self organised from the bottom up not from the top and this is why i shall not be in Bradford it is the task of the community, SELF DEFENSE IS NO OFFENSE Lets not forget those calling for a BAN are Searchlight, need we remind people of there corporation with the state?.

Likewise need we remind people? that The EDL are much the same a state front, to get The Working Class fighting itself i have never read such anti working class bollocks in all my years and much of this coming from so called Anarchist you need only see Indymedia, comments such as those involved with The EDL are thick as pig shit.

So it gose on, but then Working Class Anarchist are few far between, (take a read of this from The SCUM that is  AFED) so perhaps on is expecting to much, The Middle Class and there various fronts have never been anything but anti working class.

No Pasaran!

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One response to “Working Class Anarchist are few far between

  1. “This is no football match scuffle, this is thousands of racists turning up to a city with a high Muslim community to cause serious trouble.

    It’s working class issue that has to be dealt with by the working class. So anti-fascists should turn up to help defend the working class in Bradford from attacks from the anti working class EDL.”

    As suspected this is the state, get Searchlight and there various fronts to call for a ban, you will then get The Middle Class Anarchist saying no ban in context there right, but there reasons and those of Searchlight are one of the same self interest.

    Either side do not give a fuck about The Muslim Community who face continued intimidation/ harassment week in week out from The Riots of 2001 where 200 people went prison for a total of 604 years, ill keep saying this it The Muslim Community who should deal and if they ask for the help of outsiders then we should be there, to date ive herd no such call, just a load of White Privileged Middle Class bleating on and fucking on.

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