Stanley Tools Sheffield (the roof)…

Stanley Tools is one of the world’s largest producers of hand-held tools. Stanley has been in Sheffield since 1937. This large abandoned tool factory in Sheffield was once massive. It closed when Stanley consolidated three sites to one to Hellaby (which is now the largest of Stanley’s manufacturing facilities in Europe). This is all we can find out to date (more research) It has been done, we like to think, out of the box and the roof gives some of the best views of Sheffield we have seen.

Given the fact we have been on the Arts Tower roof at Sheffield University and most of the high points in Sheffield, this was proving somewhat elusive. We knew this rooftop would be fantastic because it’s on a hill and you get cracking views across Sheffield.

Recent visits have thrown up the danger of pikeys who have moved into the car park at the back and placed nasty man traps inside the building, including rusty nails in boards sticking up and hidden underneath paper – so when dropped on penetrate your boots, so it has been told. Each time we did go we were met by security, but given time we have managed to get onto that roof.
As the sun was setting over Sheffield in the car park of the Urbex Cat, we got our gear ready, made sure we were all happy, relaxed and shoe laces tied.. off we walk up the hill of Rutland Road, the anticipation building up, we are inside and that pre-run proved useful, we take one wrong turning but back on track and we are on the roof. We sit waiting for darkness to descend, a few images of the setting sky, then some night time shots of Sheffield, we say goodnight to an empty Stanley Tools and make our way out with no torches as there is security over the road. Back on the ground we check each other and smile, then off into the night we wander, a pint of Pale Rider in the Urbex Cat and then it is time for home.

Onto some images then: Taken with a Canon 30D, Canon 5D MK2 and a Pentax K100D.



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