Tha knows it’s Park Hill in’t it..

Background can be found here with some images from past mooching around. The grand old Lady in her new frock, she is looking somewhat wonder full and when our lass puts on her make up and gets dressed for a night out, then i understand why we fell in love with her, in her transition Park Hill beguiles us.

Bet she will look good on’t dance floor, as Sheffield gets a make over, at Bank Street Arts Berris Conolly is reminding us of the last big change, from the mid 1988 one man his camera caught Sheffield in transition. The images are truly wonderful, Sheffield Photographs 1988-2010 runs Aug 21 at Bank Street Arts 32-40 Bank Street Sheffield, so we was done there we thought a wander round Park Hill.

There has been some controversy over the listings, and in the last year, the doubts have risen though we supported the listing we began to ponder was it wise and as she took off her dressing gown of scaffold, the colour blighted our eyes.

Oh, how can that be – Tha knows it’s Park Hill, in’t it? Urban Splash are bringing this grand lady back to life, she is all tarted up though she does not look the same, but that is not the point, here will stand a grand example of Brutalist Architecture. Now, those who doubted the trust given to Urban Splash and the former Labour administration over this project might need to put their hand over their gobs and shout full up and eat their words, i know we are.

We have become all excited, now we just need to let it be, that’s her past and forgiveness is hard, we agree. Though she has trespassed against the people of Sheffield, it is not just the fault of Park Hill, yes love might be blind and seeing her in her new dress we begin to understand why we fell in love with her..

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