Tramlines: ‘Urban Glastonbury’ Sheffield 2010

Martin F Bedford

Quite simply there is by now thousands of images and words about Tramlines: ‘Urban Glastonbury’ Sheffield 2010 and though we wish we had gone to Manchester Saturday we found ourselves in Sheffield, the main joy was The Tuesday Club BBQ at Sheffield University of Sheffield (Gardens)

Young Drummer @ The Frog Parrot

Then we found ourselves at The Redhouse it was the need for food, needless to say blinding food to the sound of 2 live acts and forgive but i know not who was playing. We left happy and full.

To go see The Renegade Brass Band who never fail though the sound did, shame as this would have been far better than it was and it was no fault of The Renegade Brass Band I could not get me head round The Ruby Kid also at The Raynor Lounge .

The Tuesday Club

Next on the list was Penelopes Curated by Little Glitches , oh dear on paper this looked good you had Antique Doll and Fallen Trees and Jody Wildgoose (who we missed before we got there). Just what was going on with the sound today, it was just the same at The City Hall with The Cuckoo Clocks in the afternoon, before we headed off to The Tuesday Club.

The Cuckoo Clocks

By 11pm i was home on a Saturday night, so i missed what was a blinding gig from the Wet Nuns at S1 Art Space, i was pissed off , somewhat angry by this stage, following another Tramlines cock up, just how could local shops on Devonshire Street from the Futon Shop to the Green Room have their access limited on such a day as Saturday?

Antique Doll

There is only one word to describe this and that is despicable to be frank, shops like Rare N Racy (Established 1969) have been serving Sheffield Music for over 40 years, such a loss of trade will hit them hard. So one venue saw trade jump 600 quid to 2 grand (that’s cool), however please Tramlines do the right thing – sort it for next year, it is up the shops that loss trade from Devonshire Street and those on the side of the Forum to take their own action.

The Tuesday Club

Onto Sunday, in words what a joy to walk in to The Frog Parrot have lunch to sounds of chilled out, laid back music promoted by The Indie Hour, you can hear them on Sheffield Live each Tuesday, it was now time for some main stage action, i got there in time for The Neat from Hull, it was an early Sunday Afternoon so The Green was half empty or half full, in words just blinding, Sunday was turning out to be a good un.

The Frog Parrot Sunday

The Neat from Hull

Onto Tend to Offend a contemporary and Street Art show curated by local artist Bubba 2000, there was Steve knocking the door of The Washington, seems he left his guitar there following Oblong’s set on Friday, I walked into what was my former Squat where Tend to Offend exhibition was been hold, good art work plus effort from this lot, in the face of some serious Council Bullshit, come on Sheffield you’re happy to promote Hallam FM on Devonshire Green, but fail when it comes the local from Portland Works to The Stag Works, the list is endless that your crass red tape impacts upon, is it not time for some equilibrium ?

Tend to Offend

Sensosria, The City Hall (Memorial Hall)

Sensosria never fail, I walk into people laid out on Bean Bags at The City Hall (Memorial Hall), to the sound of Abstract Film Orchestra, i was due at SOYO Live, Arcade & Hantu but it was far too good to move for now, then word came back that those crazy Heebie Jeebies were playing, time to move then..

All the young Punks chilling to Rolo Tomassi

Local graf-artists were doing there thing, and some nice work from all, up the road was Richard Hawley doing a surprise appearance, with Echo & The Bunnymen, but SOYO was rammed.

Crowd surfing with Rolo Tomassi

Likewise was front of the City Hall it was a quick run down to blow away by Rolo Tomassi, should a female sing like that, for some years il’l remember that mosh pit, last year it was keeping Neil McSweeney warm in the rain one year, a full on mosh in front of The City Hall, only at Tramlines. Talking of Neil McSweeney, i managed to miss all 4 gigs he played over the weekend..

The Heebie Jeebies Fans Join in

Back at SOYO of course The Heebie Jeebies blew the roof, another full on mosh pit where we the punters ended the set singing, I was on me way to 65 days of static, I had a walk into The Frog Parrot the place was rammed, and sounded good, through the fire exit back onto Division Street by The Forum same there, likewise The Bowery onto the queue at The foundry, Sheffield Uni, i was not in the mood for waiting, i never line up for any band/gig or pay over (though this was free) the odds, so I headed off home.

Barkers Pool Saturday Noon

Now Monday as i write this and just who set the fire alarm off, erm nice one, once more Tramlines gave plus failed but then this was only year two so it can be forgiven such a good idea to turn a city into a Urban Glastonbury, yes there is a but can Tramlines please work more with local traders? Local people i.e. Bands people like, Renegade Brass Band / 65 days of static / The Violet May (the list is endless) should be on the main stage, it was people like The Frog Parrot / The Redhouse / SOYO / Sensosria who made the event it become, not Hallem FM and the likes of Exposed, one more thing can your sort out The Sound please Tramlines?

The Indie Hour @ The Frog Parrot

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