Mr Ian Tomlinson you will never be and must not be forgotten

The other day at an important London wide organising meeting, just 5 people. Then at the Colin Ward memorial ( and i was a fan so I am not knocking Ward) over 200! I utterly fail to comprehend people who profess any sort of revolutinary or radical politics and then do not do anything, or fuck all, about it. whats the point? No doubt they can all qoute

philosophers have only interpreted the world.. The point, however, is to change it.

K Marx

But they don’t. It just fucking depressing, but as a gardener, and to paraphrase Chauncey Gardiner, remember, ‘ before the spring the winter’!

So it seems PC Simon Harwood ‘had history of aggression’ the police officer who struck Ian Tomlinson minutes before he died, was previously investigated twice over his alleged aggressive behavior, and The CPS would have known this information but he still walk from The MURDER he committed, i have become less cynical over… the years but fuck this stinks of a cover up to say the least and in this ( article The Metropolitan Police declined to comment on the force’s decision to re-employ Pc Harwood in 2004, then he goes onto to MURDER Ian Tomlinson

This thug PC Simon Harwood avoided a misconduct hearing on medical grounds and then managed to rejoin with that unresolved , how the fuck is anyone watching and reading this in/on the news going to believe that there has NOT been a cover up.

It is a total waste of time in my opinion that some people are harping on about what the law and procedure “actually” is , it just shows that even when some have left the force they still want to defend it,s own even when it is so obvious for anyone seeing all this shortly after the Raoul Moat massive spending spree and task force , RAF jet , armored vehicles because “they” were threatened .

At times it’s far easier to swipe at someone, then look at what we as the public can now do to support The Tomlinson family in bringing a private prosecution and neither do i have hope in this having a positive outcome, but we need ask why there is little or no trust in The Police when they can murder at will, ( what needs to be asked is this kind of policeing we want.

There will be voices of anger over the next week and it will fade, In 1974, student Kevin Gately was killed during a protest against the National Front, although proving The Met were responsible for the fatal blow to his head has so far been impossible.

At another National Front protest, teacher Blair Peach was killed after being hit in the head by The Met, according to eyewitnesses, but no inquiry was held. In 1985, London saw its own riots, in Brixton, following The Met’s killing of black woman Cherry Groce and then, only a week later, searching the home of another black woman, Cynthia Jarrett, who died of a heart attack as a result.

In 1993, immigrant Joy Gardner died of a brain haemorrhage during a raid on her flat, with three Met officers tried for manslaughter, but later acquitted. When, in 1994, asylum seeker Oluwashijibomi “Shiji” Lapite died after one officer held him by the neck while the other kicked him in the head, an inquest recorded a verdict of unlawful killing, yet no charges whatsoever were brought.

In 1995, The Met fractured the skull of Brian Douglas, killing him, and Wayne Douglas died in police custody, prompting more riots in Brixton. In 1996, asylum seeker Ibrahima Sey died in custody, with no officers prosecuted or even disciplined. Of course there is more but you get the point..

While G20 policing as a whole was certainly strategically flawed and with that in mind serious injuries and even a death was perhaps inevitable, the fact no charges have been brought in this case as well only exacerbates the public’s cynicism and distrust in the police force.

The anger at that time has moved on, Police Pointing a 50,000-volt Taser at a Group of People Lying on the Floor ( The Met has agreed to pay settlements to some of those arrested in that raid., admitting that the whole raid was illegal.

In 1984 they beat kicked striking miners on strike, on year on The same force The Metropolitan Police force was once more beating and kicking people at The Battle of The Beanfield.

One of the first objections to anarchism you’ll hear will be a question along the lines of who will deal with crime. And it’s a good question. People will frequently criticise the actions of the police, but their role within society rarely meets with more than a cursory and simplistic analysis. But this is understandable, given the effort with which the importance and necessity of the police is forced down our throats every evening on the telly and the wide ranging responsibilities which they now have within society. It is hard enough to imagine a world without authority, let alone a world in which problems like crime are dealt with by ordinary people coming together to resolve the issue.

Is it not time we asked do we need The Police? For myself the death of Mr Ian Tomlinson on 1 April 2009, will never be forgotten, we can never seek justice from such a rotten corrupt system there seems little if no point in asking, as Anarchist and activist we need to over come our own apathy and act, not ony in support for The family Mr Ian Tomlinson, but also for those who have been MURDERD BEATEN BATERD by The Metropolitan Police force over the years let not our anger fade this time round, the winter of discontent is only a petrel bomb, stones throw away are we prepared to take now or stay the same?


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