Whittingham Hospital/Lancashire County Mental Hospital (the fail)

We arrive at 7 pm in the evening, having gone through an hard rain missing of an exit, so it was rushed leaving the car parked in the village we walk towards the Whittingham Hospital/Lancashire County Mental Hospital, towards the fence this was going to an up an over and look for a way out when done, no no there one of us would not manage that, alright a further wonder yes that could be done, we decide just one of us was going over to look for a exit and entrance inside for the others.

No sooner had we got over, we ran into security, your going through the front gate, no ill go this way and an interesting game of them following first in there van, then on foot began, outside the others was talking to the locals and just dreaming, then security through the fence shouted at us, one the locals just called them thugs.

Meeting back at the car we begin to understand how we had failed, we had a drive and walk round Christ this place is big and could be done if more time and thought was given to getting in and out any how here are some images from the outside, History.



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