Destroy trust, increase fear: create the “Perfect Citizen.”

Has it cross anyone’s mind to actually discuss politics with these people ? does it cross anyones lilly white and pure left mind that they might actually wish to understand what’s going on and came along expecting to be politically challeneged and question their own beliefs ? Are we afraid our arguments:

Dave Douglass

It Might seem that we are, each time we post a comment to Indymedia regarding AFED and Leeds, now Sheffield and the fact their actions, or should we say lack of action is placing people at risk, plus doing nothing to challenge their thoughts and the reasons that we see a rise in extremism, this only happens when the working class have become disengaged from politics and life itself.

The rise of the feral youth, the word feral comes from the Latin root: fera, or “wild beast,” but it also has a connection to another Latin word, feralis, literally: belonging to the dead, here was an opportunity to engage instead as always AFED treat what they fail to understand as scum, the longer the like of AFED/ The SWP/UAF fail to engage and understand this fact we Destroy trust, increase fear: create the “Perfect Citizen.”  we hope lessons of security along with others are learned from the events of the last few weeks.

We either take now or stay the same:

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