Free from any form of “extremism,”

Was The EDL ejected from a Sheffield Indymedia meeting?

At around 8:30pm on 13th July 2010. Video The EDL on their way out of a Sheffield Indymedia –

Around a dozen blokes and one woman entered a meeting of the Sheffield Indymedia collective saying we are the EDL, we are not racists. They were told to leave and a scuffle broke out as they left and tried to snatch the phone that took the attached video.

There is something mildly amusing about the notion of EDL members casually strolling into a Indymedia meeting – imagine the sense of shocked indignation from the assembled anarchos and ‘student vanguard’ at the arrival of manual workers: ‘Is that some sort of vulgar white van outside? Is that brick dust on his nylon clothes..? Is that the ‘Sun’ on the dashboard? My God, how dare they come here. Tarquin, call the Police, immediately!’

I imagine that for the average AFED activist meeting somebody who actually works for a living (outside of local government) is probably analogous to an anthropologist meeting an indigenous tribal. ‘Nigel, I’m afraid these people are all very well in books and magazines, but the romance simply evaporates when one is subjected to their ridiculous beliefs and habits, let alone their lamentable standard of personal hygiene.’

This said WTF are people doing following the events in Leeds 3 7 010, did it occur to you lot to think about security, because you can not deal with The Working Class been against you, then when we are assumed racist etc etc?

See (here ) AFED have a role in Sheffield Indymedia there lack of action is putting others at serious fucking risk. Its not time that we take the rise of The EDL serious and begin to organise by that means and not place info of meetings in public?

We stand for Anarchy Truth Justice and Liberty we desire a better world, free from any form of “extremism,” but extremism only becomes a problem when we The Working Class have been marginalised think on why there is the rise of The EDL, take a look at yourself your part of the problem not the solution work it out, and lets build a real working class movement that says fuck any form of “extremism,” and free from any form of “extremism,”

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