The Violet May

The Violet May saw these 5 7 010 what an excellent band…They don’t give a fuck about the rules….cannot recommend anymore but when a mike stand comes at you, a light shade goes smash and you will just have to wait for the vid that was taken all that needs to be said there into it love what there doing simple as aint it and here me thi…nking it was all hype Sheffield’s 1976 Sex Pistols anyone?

The Violet May have certain arrogance about them. They take the stage and captivate the audience, from the start welcome to Monday Night at SOYO some blinding gigs have gone on here for a while, though be frank the lighting is shit, and the fact it is a stage that is just put in place at one end of the former basement of a church, yes the pillows also get in the way.

It’s hard not to like The Violet May when your front man is Chris McClure. Deep dirty rock and roll is the order of the The Violet May. Front man McClure weaves his way around in front of the minute stage, a mike stand comes at you, then the light shade gets hit, it is getting hard and dirty.

The posters then come of the wall, and the projector is next up, and the rest of the band in there own world just feed the wild Chris McClure, a walk or was that a stager? Into what was a passive audience and back, you think it might just be over, they just go into the next tune and poor fucking lampshade has it once more then it is over and this is what you get with The Violet May, just a word on the sound fucking awesome just as much as The Violet May so the next time there playing get along otherwise you will be dreaming like i do ie the 1976 Sex Pistols, and kicking yourself for not risking a mike stand in your face, a lamp shade falling down on your head all worth the risk.

The Violet May images Emma (TOSS) Hudson and Mark (mike stand in his face) Wallis there is no post editing on these mothers come as they are…

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