The Big Shake Out

So Now Then, we are told 50,000 plus at Tramlines, if commercial gatherings are your thing and the product comes endorsed by some multi-national then enjoy. However, OPUS have been kicking the sand in the face of the big boys for a long time and tonight they pulled it off in style once more..

A nice setting of Whirlow Park on the edge of Sheffield.. The Big Shake Out,is the first year of the fringe event for Sheffield’s Climbing weekend, (Cliffhanger 2010) just some more on the location (Whirlow Playing Fields Limb Lane Sheffield) below is Ecclesall Woods and 10 Mins up the road the wonderful Peak District need any more be said. A wonderful halcyon, bucolic location, just stunning.

Flamingo Love Parade if you need to dress up to get people to pay you attention, then your music ain’t working, we like some Sun Ra round here and we loved Hot Snack (Sheffield’s own Sun Ra) but their dress kicked along with their music, oh please forgive but it did not work for me.

Neil Mcsweeney Next up was Neil is one of Sheffield’s most accomplished singer/song writers he released his second album ‘Shoreline’ in October 2009. Wider in scope and execution than its predecessor (2007’s Remember To Smile), Shoreline harbours a grand palette of raw, affecting songs and subtle and multi-layered arrangements. With notable support slots, including Richard Hawley, Neil is gathering national attention.

Deeply felt, brooding songs rich in imagery. He has the tools to make a huge impact. – 4/5 The Guardian….

“McSweeney is the genuine article. Highly recommended” 4/5 The Daily Express ….
“A wonderful talent in the mould of Leonard Cohen or Jeff Buckley.” 4/5 The Sunday Mail….

So you’d think with words and hype like this Id’d give it a miss, but it does what it says on the tin, and of late we have been playing Nick Drake, Fairport Convention, call it middle age but we love Mr McSweeney

King Capisce. Hotly tipped experimental dub/jazz/progressive rock group, King Capisce bring some break beat rhythms and spicy sax solos to Sheffield. Sometimes discordant, sometimes harmonious, their high energy shows are always powerful and not to be missed, it took some time for us to get them but they are tight and even the fact a bass amp blows it just makes them work that little bit more to build the filling tent into a hyped up chilled out group of people, but i guess that’s climbers for you.

Renegade Brass Band Combining 8 horns with 2 percussionists, scratch DJ and live MC, the Renegade Brass Band are a tight ensemble playing with a raw brass sound, mixing the best of funk, hip-hop and soul into the ultimate party band. Playing a mix of original material, and covers of songs by the likes of Stevie Wonder, The Herbaliser and jazz giants such as Cannonball Adderley, the Renegade Brass Band have already established a big live reputation in Sheffield and Yorkshire. Appearances on BBC Radio Sheffield Raw Talent, The Tuesday Club, Leeds’ ‘Hi-Fi’ club, and festival performances at Peace In The Park and Tramlines (Sheffield), Bearded Theory (Derbyshire) and Les Sons du Nord (Lens, France) have seen RBB appear alongside Homecut, and Ms. Dynamite. It has been a while but we caught them, on The Studio 45 rig (move over Sequoia) this kicked ass and now this tent was on its feet dancing and if you weren’t moving then you were brain dead to be frank, just how we like it round here: loud in your face with love and attitude and oh, they play Tramlines along with others and in amongst the shit of Tramlines there are some good bits to be seen, these being one of them. Expect us at the front on a mosh vibe.

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