Now i have said before hush people

Singing Knives Records presented:

Thursday 17th JUNE 2010 at BANK STREET ARTS, Sheffield S1 2DS

THE FAMILY ELAN ‘Chris Hladowski’s central preoccupation with the folk music of Asia Minor is a direct descendent of Incredible String Band’s pioneering 1960s work incorporating non-Western instruments and influences into traditional European folk and Early Music ,.. all given a psychedelic tweak and delivered with a clear-eyed instrumental virtuosity that sets it apart from most free folk’ The Wire, in the end what need a PA just 30 people and very wonderful music, sat on that stone floor was not cold a simple plesure about to get better.

On Come STEPHANIE HLADOWSKI ‘such unadorned, unforced traditional singing may suggest nostalgia for a time before solidity melted into air, still the communicative power of the human voice remains a current truth’ Now i have said before hush people, tonight no need the room fell in an hush and the voice moved you, now i have thoughts to see if we can make this happen in some urban dereliction, watch this space in the meantime go to Singing Knives Records

Last was the return to Sheffield for PEKKO KAPPI ‘with teeth firmly in noise, sound-sculpture, improvisation and great song writing Kappi fuses a vast array of recording techniques with a love of the traditional, in full awareness of the avant garde’ on his latest lp. When he toured the UK for the first time two years ago everyone was blown away by his otherworldly delivery of traditional songs on the Jouhikko, an ancient Finnish-Karelian bowed lyre, the room fell into a hush and if you have not got a copy his latest LP then do yourself one big favor buy it Singing Knives Records

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