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The Joys of Becoming a Waster..


Well nothing much has changed while http://barnsdale.wordpress.com been away.

There is  a new government, which is pretty much like the old government – but then whoever you vote for all you get is Eton!

We still live in the third most heavily surveillanced society on the planet (after Russia and China). A society controlled by money-grabbing, soul-eating, piss-taking bankers who have parliament in their pocket (why else would a government steal from nurses, teachers and firemen to bail out the dirty thieving scumbags?).

We’re still living in the most blatantly class divided society on the planet. Still got the lousiest form of democracy imaginable – and for that matter we’ve still got the state in general.  Still got a bizarrely powerful church and monarchy. Still facing devastating public spending costs thanks to the actions of the private sector. Still have a third of English kids living in poverty. Still the most heavily taxed people in the world. Still being ripped off by every private company you can think of. And still doing f***-all about it.

But doing f***-all might prove to be just what the doctor ordered.

While we’ve been on holiday from cyberspace we’ve been working closer with the local community. We’ve managed to put together the beginnings of  a community orchard, a communal growing space, a skill-share engineering project and a healthy food distribution scheme. All without ‘official’ help and all by stealing back time that’s usually spent ‘working’.

When we say ‘do f***-all’ we don’t mean doing nothing per se, rather we mean doing nothing that benefits the bankers, the bosses, the tax man, the politicians or those awful grant monsters who creep over community projects like parasitic worms. We need to tactfully withdraw our labour and spend more time building up a locally based – but internationally minded – network of mutual-aid strategies.

Establishing more control over your food – this article by Graham Burnett is a good place to start and check out some of Greenjacker‘s links for further info – and your technology – our mate Wozza is in the process of compiling a database of idler tech over at the SlackerHacker blogsite – is absolutely essential. Individually is good, but if you can achieve this at a community level then you will create something pretty powerful.

Those of us who work must use our employers resources to undermine the existing capitalist society in order to strengthen the society that we truly yearn for – a free society of cooperation, equality and mutual aid. Work to rule, do as little as possible, save your energy for the people you really love and care for; the ones who actually give a shit whether you live or die.

Where possible don’t buy new, and try to buy from people rather than corporations. Consuming less isn’t just an ecological strategy, it’s an attack on the foundations of capitalism. Consumers are people who don’t mind being slaves, just as long as they can wear Gucci handcuffs and have Laura Ashley on their prison walls. When you cut back on consumption you cut your bonds to wage slavery. The mortgage has done more to keep people in check than the jack-boot ever did.

To those in thrall of capitalism it might look like you’re becoming a waster; a care-free idler with a complete lack of ambition. You’ll soon find that this works to your advantage. With so many go-getters and wannabes in the world it doesn’t take long before you begin to slip under the radar – which is exactly where the anti-capitalist mole can do the most good for their community (and the most damage to capitalism).

As Bob Black famously said: Workers of the world, relax.

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