There can be no PEACE with out The Class War..

The Peace in the Park festival promotes peace and understanding by bringing together communities through artistic, musical and vocal expression. Peace in the Park is organised by a group of artists, musicians, students, events organisers and other everyday Sheffield folk, working together in a not for profit collective

The festival is happening from midday on Saturday June 12th on the Ponderosa Park in Sheffield. Peace in the Park is a free admission event and open to all!

Need we remind people that Peace in the Park began life, from the mass protest over the occupation of Iraq and the GENOCIDE continues, from Afghanistan to Palestine (The Blockade of Gaza) it is The Working Class who face the crises of CAPITLISM as they talk of austerity cuts, we need to talk about HOSTILITY and bringing The Class War HOME.

The Working Class have become disenfranchised, we need only look at the rise of The Far Right, a couple of weeks back The NAZI front of THE ENGALISH DEFENCE LEAGE got a kick in, on the 20th June they plan to march on Cable Street London, history sometimes needs repeating, just as Mosley’s Black Shirts got a kick in the same needs to done once more (updates

In Sheffield the hypocrites of The Labour Party are planning a demo saying no to cuts, we need to remind them of the 13 years they have attacked The Working Class, be outside The Town Hall (Sheffield 25th June from 5pm) our time has long been overdue, lets bring The Class War Home, keep updated

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