Hungry Wolf Infirmary Road Sheffield..

How long the building next door to Hungry Wolf has been a empty ruin i can not remember, but what i do know we used to get our breakfrost from Hungry Wolf along with bread, when Kelvin flats….

was a large 13 storey block of about 1,000 deck access flats built in Sheffield, England in the 1960s. The design was similar to the Hyde Park flats across the city. They were located of Infirmary Road, in the district of Walkley on the hillside overlooking the River Don. They were demolished about 1993, having become very run down with chunks of concrete falling off.

Was still standing, for some years ive wanted to have look to the ruin next door, aint it always the same you do not know what is hidden in your backyard, Sunday 23rd May 2010 i was to find out, having done so i ponder how the fuck Hungry Wolf did not kill people with the food they served?, the shop front gave an image, round the back was dereliction, it would have been like this when they closed just last year..

Unlike The this was a nice mooch i was on me way to Clarkson Hydra, Penistone Rd, aka Clarkson/Osbourne Building Sheffield, and there was an open door, i just had to have a look, there was no floors left on the upstairs, so i was not going up there then? I walked through and through a window into the back yard

onto the images then..

This place is well fooked and very unsafe, only a fool would one do this solo, two even go in there, but then one is happy i did take the risk..

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