Clarkson Hydra, Penistone Rd, aka Clarkson/Osbourne Building Sheffield

Oct 13, 2009 this is very much still live and in use by Tow Sure for storage, now we had known the upper parts was empty, access to the roof also, but it was a Monday afternoon and following three past efforts that have failed, so stealth like we move it up the stairs and where are in, down below we can here movement we move round a very empty shell but following years of waking up and looking at this from my bedroom, then years of looking at it across Sheffield the joy was something else, the fact it was very much still live in parts added to it all, the comic means of getting in and then just walking out through the down stairs part made this one of the better ones this year, fuck I can not say what a joy what this was.

Designed by W J Hale in a subtle but striking Deco style. It was built in 1942. Clarkson was a Nuneaton firm, we mannaged last year Oct 13, 2009 we had a look look inside. It got swallowed up a huge company in the 1990’s to become Hydra Clarkson, who also owned many other famous cutting tool names. The buiding was badly flooded in the early 00’s and the Japanese firm that owned it was considering closure or a works move. I have been unable to find out which went ahead, but anyway this left the works unused and derelict.

Arising from the minutes of the meeting held on 27th May, 2008, the Interim Director of Development Services reported orally that following the decision of the Board to afford protection to the Hydra Clarksonâs building through its inclusion in an extension of the Kelham Island Industrial Conservation Area, the building was now protected from demolition and that whilst the owners were pursuing a review of the decision, efforts were being made by various agencies to find a new owner for the building to ensure its preservation for the future.

This however was not enough to save the building. On the 6th June 2010 the remains shall be blown up at 1030am in the morning, this been visit number 2 since the start of demolition, our first we got caught by security, two we manged to get some images and decided we just archive them, today Sunday 22nd on a bright May Day of sunshine solo i had another wonder here are images from Oct 13, 2009 and the last bit shall be blown On the Sunday 6th June 2010 message me for info on a good access to view and take images..

Onto the images then..



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4 responses to “Clarkson Hydra, Penistone Rd, aka Clarkson/Osbourne Building Sheffield

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  2. Ann Creasey

    Many thanks for this walk through the ‘Clarkson/Osbourne’ building. I have only ever seen it from up the valley on the way home after work. What a shame it had to be pulled down, it looked impressive.

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  4. I used to work there for 15 year’s. Before the mid 90’s It was known as Osborn-Mushet. And has got a very long history in Cutting tool making in Sheffield.

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