Culture without the working class is no culture..

Sheffield is an incredibly warm and characterful city. There are some great places to eat and drink and lots of interesting sights to see… you just need to know where to look…

You know love Sheffield. We’d like more people to know how great it is too… This why we do what what we do..

Eleven is a graphic design consultancy that creates intelligent and effective design solutions for print, web and brand identity.

Our Favorite Places is an independent guide to the best of Sheffield’s cafés, restaurants, bars, shops, galleries, parks and more. Designed by Eleven, a creative team living in the city, Our Favorite Places champions independence, focusing on unique places that can only be found in Sheffield.

Our Favorite Places is 40 pages of 50+ brilliant places – from tiny Victorian theaters to tucked away vintage shops, and from Chinese fondue to the best Italian delis. These are the kind of places that only locals know about.

So that is the blurb, do we need The Middle Class? to tell us about this city of culture, In Sheffield, we create, make and take part in culture every day. Culture isn’t something that happens around us.

We make it happen. Together, the people of our city have the passion, skills, venues, programmers and expertise – and most importantly, the ideas and creativity and those people are The Working Class.

Here have a problem with people like Eleven and The Sheffield City of Culture bid we support the bid, it is through art and culture we have found a path, but look at  sheffield city of culture web pages the images the hype, from four pounds for a book of independent guide to the best of Sheffield’s cafés, restaurants, bars, shops, galleries, parks and more, some are free, others are simply out of the price range of The Working Class of this City and here we make it very clear

Culture with out The Working Class is no Culture..

Art/Culture in this city operates like a symbolic representation of reality.

The act of representing reality or mediating our relation with the world – through an object or product of symbolic art/culture – reinforces the process of reification. The projection of the interior mind onto upon the exterior world produces an expansion of colonising zeal. This zeal, in tun, projects the ego over the other: the external world (nature), and the creatures that inhabit it (human beings, animals, plants, and the soil). The expamsive project of the “I” over nature accelerates the process of reification.

All Art/Culture is id EGO.

If you see Picasso on the road – KILL HIM. When will The Middle Class learn that they speak to nobody but each other?  The City of Culture bid needs to involve The Working Class more and we ponder just what is the Our Favorite Places publication about other than just an overpriced gloss..

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