Proportional Representation = BNP MPs!

After the crushing defeat inflicted on the BNP in the 2010 elections, BNP chairman Nick Griffin e-mailed BNP members to plead for their continued financial support, arguing that blame for the BNP defeat lay in the electoral system, not in his leadership. Nick Griffin argued that the BNP “tripled its vote from 2005, jumping from 192,746 to a healthy 563,743”, ignoring the reason why BNP votes rose after 2005 – which was only because the BNP contested 3 times more seats in 2010, not because the proportion of voters who support the BNP had increased. Nick Griffin also ignored the catastrophic collapse in BNP support since the BNP polled 1 million votes in the 2009 Euro election – between 2009 and 2010 Nick Griffin LOST the support of half a million voters!

Nick Griffin also argued that if the UK adopts the Liberal Democrat policy of Proportional Representation (PR), the BNP would win seats in Parliament… he’s right, and that’s exactly why Britain must never adopt Proportional Representation.

If British people wanted our MPs to be elected by PR, then we’d elect a Lib Dem government. Instead the Lib Dems lost the election, but, in a complete travesty of all the moral principles underlying democratic politics, we now find the Lib Dems using the disproportionate and un-representative power given by their ability to swing a hung parliament, to try to impose a policy that Britain effectively voted AGAINST in the General Election.

It takes very little political sophistication to realise that PR is only superficially more “democratic” than the first-past-the-post system used in traditional British democracy, and Lib Dems who support PR should examine their motives very carefully before choosing to open the door to a party run by Holocaust Deniers, racists and closet Nazis. Green Party supporters who support PR should also remember that the Greens achieved their historic breakthrough MP without Proportional Representation.

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