Elements of Hunslet Mill – Leeds

Hunslet mills is indeed an imposing structure standing between Goodman street and the river Aire in South Leeds. It was built by William Fairburn as a flax Mill in 1838. The entire construction was built to resist fire, with cast-iron columns and inverted T-section beams supporting brick-arched floors. From 1868-1908 it was used by Buckton and May, then under multi-occupancy until it’s closure in 1966, I was born 1965 so all my life this has been closed?

The building has remained empty ever since. The main building is now protected as Grade 2 listed. In 2001 permission was granted to convert the building into 700 flats with amenities and a cafe. At the time of writing in May 2010 no such work has started,

Although there has been a temporary new roof erected to protect the building from from further decay, , we was not going to take images inside as we was more than happy to see it from the outside what a beast..

We managed to get inside and yes this is as wonderful as people say, but images had been done to death, there was no need to add more, so we thought we have a look on the outside, where Joe Public sees each day, but walk past blind at the detail, here is elements of the past Leeds..

We spent over an hour taking images just on the outside two hours lost inside and it was hard to stick to the self imposed no images, but me and Monkey are more than happy with having been and seen this grand old lady and to be back at this urban exploration thing the summer looks good, enjoy..

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