As Greek protesters riot in Athens The future is ours DONT VOTE MAY 6TH..(RIOT)

Comrades Sisters Brothers of Greece STAND UP RISE UP and fight the beast let not your fear take hold in this hour we knew it was coming, we understand follow workers would die it was not The Anarchist who killed them we know this to be fact, we also know to fact that REVOLUTION is the only real change, it is May 6th here in the UK we are been told to vote for CHANGE no that change comes from struggle leading to the GLORIOUS DAY WHEN THE SUNSHINE OF ANARCHY shall rise, my whole being is with you in this hour

Strike in Greece: A demonstartor hurls projectiles at riot police




Strike in Greece: A demonstrator hurls projectiles at riot police

Strike in Greece: Demonstrators and riot police in front of the Greek parliament

Strike in Greece: Riot police spray tear gas and clash with protestors

Strike in Greece: Riot police stand in front on burnt out Marfin Egnatia bank

Strike in Greece: Riot policeman are engulfed in flames

Strike in Greece: Riot policemen clash with protestors in the centre of Athens

Athens Riot: A Greek riot policeman runs away from a fire in Athens

Athens Riot: Police in front of a burning television van during riots in Athens

Athens Riot: Protesters clash with riot police during a demonstration in Athens on 1 May

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