It is a Family affair.

First up are The Big Eyes Family Players

Warm Room is the third album from The Big Eyes Family Players, after ‘Do The Musiking’ (Pickled Egg 2006) and Donkeysongs (Rusted Rail 2008). Conceived initially as an ‘ode’ to folk music, those perhaps expecting an album of string-led polkas and klezmer-styled pieces may be a little surprised.

On this occasion, the Players have yet again taken another shape. As ever, led by captain James Green (vocals, guitar, piano, harmonium, cello, percussion, shahi baja, loops, organ, harp, zither), the album features Ellie Bond on violin, Gemma Green on harmonium, Chris Boyd on drums and Heather Ditch on vocals.

Tonight, May 3rd 2010 they take another form with Heather Ditch on vocals (her mate, Brian Ellis, was absent). I came across this pair through Hanna, sister of Gemma Green, some years back when they were the Acolyte Action Squad , they were never to perform live, but did under the name Hot Snack, they blew roofs off various locations in Sheffield and it has been said one place closed down following their gig there in the basement. This of course is just a rumour, Hot Snack had Paul Fletcher (drums/percussion) from Meat for a Dark Day, with the legend (round here at least) Mark (Curfew) Armstrong and he played on the former Mainline 102 FM Sheffield – four year pirate radio station before Sheffield live. I still have a tape from Brian Ellis on one side is an off the wall mix of tunes, and Roots Manuva on the other.

This was my first time in seeing The Big Eyes Family Players and on all fronts they did not fail, James Green was as always wonderful along with his other players round here as Sister Sledge said: it is a Family affair. Out now, Warm Room EGG72 CD album – Pickled Egg Records go get yourself a copy, it is all so understated in how wonderful The Big Eyes Family Players are.

Next up are Sheffield’s own Cuckoo Clocks.-

Frontman Paul Infanti of  Tree Bound Story, who also had a young Richard Harley who one Sunday standing in for Jarvis Cocker on BBC Radio Six with Canada Doyle both of course from Pulp, They played Mothers on Coke, much to the anger of the bosses of BBC Radio Six Sheffield dose it once more. Cuckoo Clocks are allso Sophie Toes, (she plays records of an upstanding quality) Richard Gibson, Jamie Holmes of Antique Doll Emma Pud, and Nicky Bee. They’re asking you to help them fight capitalism, by buying their EP “Cuckoo Time” out now for a mere £4 from either The Rude Shipyard a fine place of food wine and of song or The Old Sweet Shop home of Emma H (sister of Mark H, Meat for a Dark Day) and outstanding art from the left hand side of Sheffield.

I had seen Sheffield’s own Cuckoo Clocks. when on gin as I gate crashed a private party at C60, (where  ob-LONG who played last week did there ep) it was much a Family affair that displaced me, this time round I was sober and wanted to see what all the hype is about, and Mom’s on Coke is a fine pop tune, round here there is nowt wrong with a good old pop song, get the ep then listen to the words.. Yes, a pop song with thought provoking words, next you will be telling me Wham did a anti work song?:  Wham Rap Enjoy What You Do and yes I have a copy on CD and I have no shame. Back to Sheffield’s own Cuckoo Clocks it might not be your thing but they’re good at what they do, and so was Wham..

Last we have Damon Krukowski and Naomi Yang

Who are an American dream pop/folk-rock duo formed in 1991 by Damon Krukowski and Naomi Yang, formerly of Galaxie 500, Damon Krukowski is an American musician and publisher. He was one of the founding members and the drummer for the band Galaxie 500. His drumwork with Galaxie 500 received widespread praise for its “simmering presence of jazz classicism” (a trait that runs in his family, with his mother a noted jazz vocalist and his brother Anton a recorded jazz pianist).

After Galaxie 500‘s demise due to guitarist Dean Wareham leaving the band, he went on to play drums in Magic Hour, with Galaxie 500‘sbassist Naomi Yang, Wayne Rogers and Kate Biggar. After Magic Hour, Krukowski and Yang performed as a duo under the name Damon and Naomi. He also runs the Exact Change Press with Naomi Yang – a book publisher specializing in Dada and Surrealist literature based out of Cambridge, MA.(

Go play some of their tunes In addition to their work as musicians, Damon & Naomi are the founders of Exact Change, a publishing house dedicated to avant-garde literature and artists’ writings.  As individual artists, Damon writes (and teaches) poetry and music criticism, and Naomi is a visual artist (photography and painting) and graphic designer. (more a band who list Joy Division, The Clash, Beat Happening, Jonathan Richman, Velvet Underground Can, Soft Machine, Public Image. In recent years on constant play in their house is early Fairport Convention, Milton Nascimento, Jorge Ben, Shirley Collins, Pentangle, Tim Buckley, Robert Wyatt, needs to be listend to and when Damon asked for The Harley to go quite then this is what should have happened.

No, we had the natter of people, who would not even move to back to keep their conversation going and I over heard some of the meaningles shit they was talking, it ruined the gig for myself, here in Sheffield we had two legends, given to us by Drowned in Sound all for 6 pounds, a fuckng fair deal and all that was asked  was for people to shut the fuck up.

So now I have to go down another path of discovery, for that I thank Drowned in Sound giving me that opportunity, round the corner was The Broomheads (playing a free gig) who blew the roof off Sheffield Library Theatre Friday night, on Sunday we had another legend in our mist Huey “Sonny” Simmons at Bar Abbey

& before all of this I was playing Robert Wyatt

  • Stalin wasn’t stallin’
    When he told the beast of berlin
    That they’d never rest contented
    Till they had driven him from the land
    So he called the yanks and english
    And proceeded to extinguish
    The fuhrer and its vermin
    This is how it all began
  • Now, the devil, he was reading
    In the good book one day
    How that lord created adam
    To walk the righteous way
    And it made the devil jealous
    He turned green onto his????
    And he swore by things unholy
    And he made one of his own
  • So he packed two suitcases
    Full of greed and misery
    And he caught the midnight special
    Going down to germany
    Then he mixed his lies and hatred
    With fire and grim stones
    Then the devil sat upon it
    That’s how adolf was born
  • Now adolf got the notion
    That he was the master race
    And he swore he’d bring new order
    And put mankind in a place
    So he set his scheme in motion
    And was winning everywhere
    Until he??? and got the notion
    For to kick that russian bear
  • Stalin wasn’t stallin’
    When she told the beast of berlin
    That they’d never rest contented
    Till they had driven him from the land
    So he called the yanks and english
    And proceeded to extinguish
    The fuhrer and its vermin
    This is how it all began
  • Yes he kicked that noble russian
    But it wasn’t very long
    Before adolf got suspicious
    That he had done something wrong
    Cause that bear grabbed the fuhrer
    And gave him an awful fight
    Seventeen months he grabbed the fuhrer
    Tooth and claws, day and night
  • Then that bear smacked the fuhrer
    With a mighty armored??
    And adolf broke all records
    Running backwards to krakow
    Then goebbels sent a message
    To the people everywhere
    That if they couldn’t hit the fuhrer
    God, then hit that russian bear
  • Stalin wasn’t stallin’
    When he told the beast of berlin
    That they’d never rest contented
    Till they had driven him from the land
    So he called the yanks and english
    And proceeded to extinguish
    The fuhrer and its vermin
    This is how it all began
  • Then this bear called on his buddy
    The noble fighting yank
    And they sent the fuhrer running
    With their ships and planes and tanks
    Now the fuhrer’s having nightmares
    Cause the fuhrer knows damn well
    That the devil’s done roast welcome
    On his residence in hell

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