On paper, and for Two Pounds, this line up we all thought would have the place full. Onto O2, “have you a pass?” No, a ticket, “but you will need a pass for the camera: Peoples images are copyright”! Oh dear, wrong person to pick such a conversation with, he was all right but the management and door staff will ensure: one, I do not go there in the future and two, recommend it isn’t booked for such gigs.. Inside the former Roxy has not changed that much, the carpets are sticking to the feet it is dead, the punters begin to arrive.. First we have:


Sam Barrett belts out heartfelt country blues on his 12 string resonator that could be from across the Atlantic but are actually totally grounded in Yorkshire, this being my third time I have seen him and though the sound was good he was lost in this place and one is sure the punters failed to get him, what talent he has but one man a guitar is an hard one to pull of at the best of times..


ob-LONG Tracy Deakins’ deceptively powerful vocals front an immersive rock guitar sound from the band that are  ‘generating more buzz than a swarm of bees’ NME.com. About fucking right I first watched this lot following Saxon last year they rocked then, time moves on, they still rock and get tighter. Shame the place was half full, or half empty, seems people will not pay two quid to see a band that rocks.


The Crookes this fresh-faced indie group base formed at the University of Sheffield and base their lyrics on 60s kitchen sink dramas. A crowd-pleaser every time, there is a lot of hype a serious management team behind this lot, I know that team, with this talent and boyish good looks there going to be rather big indeed, any one for The Housemartins? There I said it, yes they very much remind me of the boys from Hull, look tunes and dance moves, I wonder which one will become the superstar DJ? Who will have a drink problem, I hope not, they’re fucking good this lot..


Standardfare named after a sign spotted on a bus, this guitar trio use girl-boy vocals to evoke lovelorn lyrics. Shared influences range from Fleetwood Mac to Rancid, now we are talking though by this time the place had halved in numbers, but their loss, next time I see them I hope not to be so knackered, but they had something and playing the tunes from myspace I still stand by them. All good.


Grammatics combine cello-led grandeur with choral vocals to create art school pop with unashamed indulgence – add a dash of prog rock for good measure, look I have seen this before, seen it so many times before it bores the shit out of me to be frank. Come on, move along nothing new to see here and there wasn’t, the only good from this was the cello. What, a little harsh? Perhaps, but they were rubbish, and that is me being polite..


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