All I can now is wait for the revolution is within ourselves…

A while back in 2009 there was an opportunity to move from the urban paranoia into the bucolic side of Sheffield. I had been playing some Nick Drake, it was just the ebb n flow of the time, paranoia crept into the thought, it has been a desire of mine to just sit and listen to music, radio four and read, and of course go for long walks taking images of mother earth. The desire for a simple life, a move from conflict into peace.

It did not happen and events have taken place which have been a joy, others such as coming back home on a February eve, having spent a couple of nice hours in The Fat Cat with Radio Six an open fire, I was greeted with a open front door the words we had been broken into, not for a moment did I believe this, I’ve been having shall we say problems with people in the house, part of the social dysfunctional circus of freaks, one thought I had moved on from the these low life of humanity I use that term in a very loose form have been giving me shit.

It was myself who found themselves being told by The Police I would be nicked if I kept up the complaint, a week on I was given notice to quit, by the end of April, we are here I still remain standing, from the time in February I’ve had a good kick in, though not physical, had a knife pointed at me, people looking for a disagreement, then looking pissed off because I have not given them conflict, been told I was racist because I stated the truth: multiculturalism has failed the working class, had it said direct to me, I made a complaint and four weeks on I’ve had nothing, but capitalism has never been good at giving justice to the working class.

At the age of 45 I have made some mistakes, burnt some bridges, I understand it is my own actions I have to de-tone, one can understand the fear that has driven those in the same house to their actions, I have been there myself, I have been willing to make all the effort to resolve this, gone with the flow as it would be, now as I wait the next move of a landlord who gave me notice as he thought I was the problem, in his words one is scruffy, a little eccentric, look I would not disagree but in his world this is good reason to not to listen, he is right, the equilibrium of the house has been upset.

From time to time I might write such a blog, not for your attention for you to feel for me, no I write this to let the world know I do seek peace not conflict, but if you want a argument desire to be a bigot then I shall stand up against you, your actions, I shall turn the other cheek for you to slap the other, I disagree very much with how we are as society, I understand the nature of capitalism, it’s not some utopian dream, when I talk of a mass uprising, civil unrest at this time justice shall be given.

There is neither a need (for now) for me to name the scum that have placed not only myself through hell due to there actions, that I can deal with, but what I can not forgive is the what it has done to my loved ones, I look upon the events as an open door of course there is fear in change, but I know that change will mean the desire of mine to just sit listen to music, radio four and read, of course go for long walks taking images of mother earth, the desire for a simple life a move from conflict into peace, will one day be more than a dream, oh their names are … oh forget it, they drink in The Washington, are friends with people from Smokers Die Younger, it come as no surprise there the scum they are, I have seen things herd things and for now I use that knowledge not for any self gain, but to move on and embrace change, all I can now is wait for the revolution is within ourselves.

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