In The Nursery – 12 Angry Men Sheffield Law Courts.

Sensoria is renowned for taking events into unusual venues and this year gained access to Sheffield Law Courts for this unique presentation, in Court Room Six there are windows, now we might agree on the use of this building is to impose-uphold the status quo, we might also say outside it is an ugly fucker, however inside is a different matter, and on a Sunday night when the rain had showered, there was a low sun the walk was quite nice in itself.

I got there to be greeted by security: empty your pockets, what’s in you bag? a camera, now I had thought no way I could take this inside?.. A conversation later, me myself and the camera was inside. see the images.

I was here to watch In The Nursery12 Angry Men. The defence and the prosecution have rested and the jury files into the jury room to decide if a young Spanish-American is guilty of murder. What seems like an open and shut case soon becomes a mini-drama of each of the jurors’ preconceptions about the accused and each other. The film is entirely set in the claustrophobic jury room on a hot summer’s day. Nigel and Klive Humberstone join forces with saxophonist Rob Skeet to create a complementary, minimal score to this classic courtroom drama, in Court Room Six.

I had been here before, so I had done the security at the door, had sat in the dock where saxophonist Rob Skeet was siting, seen this place at work, now here I was. Of course, I could not help but think and see this room at work, it was strange to be here on a Sunday night in April.

I crept around taking my images, here is a unique insight to the other side of Sheffield we do not see, an urban exploration with consent, as I write this Court Room Six will be in full flow upholding the so called justice of capitalism, but for one night on a Sunday an Anarchist crept around taking images here are the rest and oh enjoy I know I had a great time.

Thanks to Nigel and Klive Humberstone, Joe and the countless nameless people that back Sensoria the renowned event it is, and only in Sheffield could this happen..

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