Music For Real Airports..

You walk into a stark white room low light, at one end is a table. On said table a mixer and 2 players, on flight boxes are the speakers, in the middle stands with bag over his left shoulder down his right is the legendary Richard H. Kirk (Cabaret Voltaire) knocking out some fucked up twisted tunes. This is your welcome to Music For Real Airports, it was as though someone had just walked in from the street and knocked out some tunes meanwhile the main event was in the next room, the door opens and in we walked.

Music For Real Airports is a live art event, a unique audio and visual collaboration between musicians The Black Dog and Human design studio. Music For Real Airports responds to the reality of occupying the semi public space of an airport – and is a contemporary reply to Brian Eno’s seminal work in the 70s.

The Black Dog have developed the project from over 200 hours of field recordings from airports in an effort to explore the ideas and associations that people have with them today. Previously associated with club appearances/performances, The Black Dog will now bring a new live event to an art gallery environment. This was a world premier event on Saturday 24 April at Millennium Galleries and will then tour to art galleries around the world.

The normal luvvies and socially dysfunctional types were omnipresent, you had to be seen, I was there for the images {here} job done, it needed to more loud in your face, the whole event was to polite but well done sensoria for pulling off another unique event and this is what makes this happen, the love of the people involved in putting together something good, for that we have to say thank you..

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