A Very ‘Moderate’ Murder Plot


The BNP like to portray themselves as a ‘moderate’ political party that has left it’s violent street-fighting roots in the past. But it seems that 29 yr old Sheffield Brightside candidate, Mark Collett, hasn’t quite got the message. Key BNP members have been summoned to a meeting tomorrow to discuss “urgent organisational matters” after BNP leader Prick Gri££in and his vile colleagues made statements to the police which resulted in Collett being detained by Humberside police on Thursday.

Collet, the BNP’s ‘publicity director’, has been released on bail pending further inquiries, but it is understood that the BNP have suggested that Mr Collett was plotting to kill Nick Gri££in – Griffin and Terreblanche in one week, wouldn’t that have been news worth celebrating?

With politicians being absolute back-stabbing scumbags, and right-wing politicians being the worst of all, we shouldn’t really be surprised to find that there’s a lot more to these allegations than meets the eye. We don’t doubt that a nazi like Collett is capable of murder, but the whole incident seems to have been kick- started by rumours of “alleged financial irregularities”. Didn’t a poor disillusioned nutter like Collett realise that the BNP exists solely to line Prick Gri££in’s pockets? Did he turn against his fuhrer – like Tom Cruise in Valkyrie – when he realised the truth? Or was it Collett who was caught with his fingers in the fascist-piggy bank?

We’ll probably never know, and to be honest we really don’t care. Though it’s interesting to see that the BNP really have become more like the usual mainstream political parties – i.e. they’re a bunch of greedy, devious, self-serving, corrupt bastards, just like everyone else in Westminster

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