The Lefties – A Warning from History

BNP supporters often gloat about what they see as the historical “failure” of left-wing politics in post-war Britain, while, on the other hand, constantly complaining about the huge successes that the liberal left has had in influencing public policy on issues of equality, anti-racism and human rights, in influencing the media and popular culture, and in creating what the right-wing try to misrepresent as “political correctness”. In contrast to the successes of liberal leftism, the radical and militant left have been in overall decline since the 1960s, marginalised by mainstream society absorbing the best ideas produced by their ideological experiments, ham-strung by dogmatic beliefs, and defeated in major industrial disputes.

In comparison, since the collapse of the NF in 1979, the racist movement slowly learned from its mistakes, and Nick Griffin used the BNP to re-build British Fascism around the pretense of a more moderate image, with the failure of the militant left creating a vacuum which the BNP now try to exploit. Because militant left dogma insists that the glorious workers must be above criticism, and that therefore Fascism MUST be “middle-class”, left-wing and anarchist militants often refuse to acknowledge facts which everyone else knows full well – namely the strong middle-class influence in left-wing movements, and the strongly working-class nature of most support for the BNP. Since a temporary peak in radical activism in the early 1980s, instead of learning from their mistakes like the BNP did, some militant left groups purged their middle-class supporters, successfully alienating millions of potential sympathisers and reducing themselves to the pathetic state they find themselves in now.

Anti-Fascists all talk the talk when it comes to being “united” against the BNP, but not all Anti-Fascists walk the walk. Some militant Anti-Fascists seem to spend nearly as much time insulting other Anti-Fascists as they spend attacking the BNP, and dissipate their energy in Anti-Fascist turf-wars which the BNP covertly encourage. There is no doubt that working people should take control of their own lives, and that militant Anti-Fascists are often very brave and noble people, but left-wing opportunists dividing Anti-Fascism with “class struggle” rhetoric totally misunderstands the aspirations of white working-class and migrant communities, alienates moderates, is disastrous for Anti-BNP campaigning, and is music to the ears of the BNP.

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