It is 2010 and 1984 has arrived..

It is 2010 and 1984 has arrived, rather worse than Orwell had predicted. Unemployment, homelessness, poverty, hunger. The police state had become a reality, In the year 1984 the miners were going to discover. ‘Accidental’ death from Thatcher’s private army of boys in blue had become an acceptable norm.

Ian Tomlison died in tragic circumstances an innocent passer by, trying to get home, who died after a police assault at the g20 protests on April 1st 2009. Ian Tomlinson (7 February 1962 – 1 April 2009) was an English newspaper vendor who collapsed and died in the City of London on his way home from work during the G-20 summit protests. A first post-mortem examination indicated that he had suffered a heart attack brought on by coronary artery disease, and had died of natural causes.

His death became controversial a week later when The Guardian obtained footage of his last moments, filmed by an American investment fund manager who was visiting London. The video shows Tomlinson being struck on the leg from behind by a police officer wielding an expandable baton, then pushed to the ground by the same officer. It appears to show no provocation on Tomlinson’s part—he was not a protester, and at the time he was struck, the footage shows him walking along with his hands in his pockets. He walked away after the incident, but collapsed and died moments later.

After The Guardian published the video, the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) began a criminal inquiry from which the police were removed. A second post-mortem, ordered by the IPCC and Tomlinson’s family, indicated that Tomlinson had died from an abdominal haemorrhage, the cause of which remains unknown. The officer in question, who has not been named, was interviewed on suspicion of manslaughter, and a third post-mortem was conducted at the request of his defence team, the results of which have not been released. The IPCC completed its investigation in August 2009 and passed its file to the Crown Prosecution Service. No charges have been announced.(

Nothing has changed the boot of power still kicks, on the third of September 1975, Phil Russell, alias Phil Hope, alias Wally Hope, alias Wally, choked to death an his own, vomit; blackberry, custard, bile, lodged finally and tragically in the windpipe. Blackberry, custard, bile, running from his gaping mouth onto the delicate patterns of the ornamental carpet.

He died a frightened, weak and tired man; six months earlier he had been determined, happy and exceptionally healthy; had taken only that short time for Her Majesty’s Government’s Health Department to reduce Phil to a puke covered corpse.

“The first dream that I remember is of myself holding the hand of an older man, looking over a beautiful and peaceful valley – suddenly a fox broke cover followed by hounds and strong horses ridden by red-coated huntsmen. The man pointed into the valley and said, “That, my son, is where you’re heading.”I soon found that out, I am the fox!”

Phil Russell

Phil’s death for some marked,, the end of an era. Along with him died the last grain of trust that they, naively, had had in the ‘system’, the last seeds of hope that, if we lived a decent life based on respect rather than abuse, our example might be followed by those in authority. Of course It was a dream, but reality is based on a thousand dreams of the past; was it so silly that we should want to add ours to the future?


The balance of a whole society was hanging on the apron strings of a vicious and uncaring despot. Far less important by far was our own fate. We were hauled into the courts to face an obscenity charge that almost broke us. ‘We have ways of making you not talk’.

That summer 1984 Crass played what was to be there last gig together, a riotous benefit for the South Wales miners. From the stage they vowed to continue working for the cause of freedom, yet, as they drove home, they all knew that the particular path that we had been taking had been exhausted. There was and needed new ways in which to approach THERE objectives and, a few weeks after the gig, Hari Nana left the band to seek his. They had felt no compulsion to continue gigging. Crass were no longer convinced that by simply providing what had broadly become entertainment we were having any real effect. they’d made our point and if after seven years people hadn’t taken it, it surely wasn’t because they hadn’t tried hard enough.

‘There is no authority but yourself’, Crass said that, but they’d lost them selves and become CRASS. While they are still involved in the often painful process of refining that self, of seeing each other again, of healing ourselves from the self-inflicted wounds of ‘public life’.

The ‘movement’, from Class War to Christians For Peace, needs to regain the dignity that it has lost in the process of attempting to confront problems that appear to be created by others.

We have all been guilty of defining the enemy, and indeed there are those who would obstruct the course of liberty, yet ultimately the enemy is to be found within. There is no them and us, there is only you and me.

We need to consolidate, reassess, reject what patently does not work and be prepared to adopt ideas and attitudes that might. We need to find the ‘self’ that can truly be the authority that it is. We need to look beyond the barbed-wire and the ranks of police for a vision of life which is of our choosing, not that which is dictated by cynics and despots. The exponent of Karate does not aim at the brick when wishing to break it, but at the space beyond. We would do well to learn from that example.

We have spent too much of our time, energy and spirit attempting to dispell the shadow of evil cast over us by the violence and terror of the nuclear age. That shadow has become a stain on our hearts. It is time to wash away that stain and to step out of the shadow into the light. We have become trapped in fear outside metaphorical Greenham Gates. ‘Knock and ye shalt enter. . .the kingdom of heaven is within you.’

We know enough of the sickness of the world, we should be careful not to add to it through our own physical and mental exhaustion and ill health. If we are ever to achieve our shared objectives we must each of us be strong enough to do so. We have all failed and we have all succeeded. This is no tail between the leg ending, but a proud, albeit painful and confused, time out.

One year on from The g20 in London, three years on from Sheffield  g8 and what become The Dystopia That was Matilda, some of us have formed ideas and kicked but the boot has always been walking upon ourself s, there is only so much pain you can take before understanding banging your head on the wall might not be of use, we need to dispell the shadow of evil cast over us by the violence and terror of the urban paranoia understand the pretentious artist with in.

The Campaign Against Primate Change is one of many manifestations of the underground network through which we work to realize these daydreams, to take the reigns of our lives and make our history rather than using the same energy to insist we are being made by it. If you have illicit ideas and intentions of your own to share, you’re invited to join us here.

The Re- launch of The Campaign Against Primate Change.. As working class (high-primates)we are tired of hearing about Climate Change (the over consumption of the privileged classes). From the evolution of human kind and the moment of enlightenment our Earth, our Mother, has been exploited by the caretakers of her earth.

Our evolution was an agreement with our Mother and our Earth to act responsibly, with love, understanding and basic kindness to all other primates along with this earth we live upon.

From our evolution we have not only failed our Earth, our Mother, but other primates and living creatures, we have become selfish, exploitative and moved away from the basic principles of Nihilism to a world of Barbarism.

The Campaign Against Primate Change is not another victim of political correctness, we simply believe in the basic ethics of  Nihilism and treating each other as an equal no matter their process of evolution, colour, sexual orientation, female or male and class. We extend this to our Earth, our Mother.

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