The Subterranean Tourist Board March 2010 …..

This is an update from The Subterranean Tourist Board you have nothing to lose but your bad debts and false aspirations, truth has never been anything but ugly this why is we live in denial that civilisation is working if only we could reform this world that is the real true aspiration, why should we be asked to pay the debt of the past mistakes? are you sitting comfortably ? then we’ll begin…If your screen resolution is 1024 x 768 or less please press f11 to improve your viewing experience, better still turn of the screen and we shall see you on streets. We are a group that includes revolutionaries, artists, losers and heroes.

Currently is centred around the ego of one person. It has been many manifestations


Then some hidden bits, all past works are now at and we say currently can be found here we say currently as the we need to pay for it to keep going it might just kill itself and there is no need for a chat or a cup of tea neither is all well we know that that’s why we are thinking.

Have a look round and see what you think. We also do many other things, but if we told you that we would have to hug you (or something worse) and there are hidden parts to treat it like a city full of urban paranoia, e mail us if you get lost or go to facebook and search underclassrising you might help us find our path out of here…

There was no monkeys involved in the creation of these works!

So, as with all beautiful relationships, something has to give. I’m out, gone, packing up my thoughts and leaving my urban paranoia. Its not you, its me. We can stay friends though, yeah? The only ransom i demand from you is your death please send us me short film of of your suicide to complete this truncation thanks for your corporation every little helps..

The Subterranean Tourist Board March 2010 …..

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