We should do the same with vanguards of Anarchism some want Anarchy..

Greece has once again been rocked by protests, strikes and civil*unrest.. and meanwhile Class War give that odious creature no one is not just talking about the Brown/Cameron/Clegg but The Racist Fascist Griffin more credit then there due, The Working Class know there wankers, we engage with them through politics not cheep publicity stunts, is not the job of the left?.

I enjoy what Class War is about, but Class War do have a problem in that Skull and Cross Bones logo and swearing etc. appeals to punks but definitely not to average working class folk. I dont think it does the public image of anarchists many favours either.

I suppose its not really a problem, unless Class War actually want to engage with the working class at large. I dont think they really do – its more about rabble rousing, praying for riots and generally throwing muck from the sidelines isn’t it? Which is fair enough, but the goals are limited – as are the outcomes.

BNP have shown the power of putting on a clean suit and acting with some credibility. I WISH anarchists* engaged with real people more and did constructive work

This is why some up north are going to doing a serious of bear mats saying DONT VOTE with no self publicity attached just as The Working Class understand there is no justice but themselves they also know there are no leaders for the free, we reject the vanguards of the left, and so we should do the same with vanguards of Aarchism some want Anarchy..

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