Cupids in Nooses Rude Shipyard

So it is THAT time of year again. The ubiquitous red hearts, the forced romance and the tacky teddies are lining the shop windows once again for Valentine’s Day. Never being partial to romance prescribed by card companies, I had tea a wonderful Hippy Burger at the awesome Bungalows and Bears then a run for the bus and just got there as the magic was unfolding at The Rude Shipyard Sheffield (one of Sheffield’s better homes) it was full to the roof a cup of Coffee, then some Antique Doll the hairs on the back of neck stand up could this get any? better no Ruby Noir (Burlesque Dancer) the look of pissed of wimmin in that room.

The man in the Gas Mask was now becoming a little over baring so I missed much Yellowbellys then it was onto Pete David and The Payroll Union it is not often music moves me to tears one of joy one of pure sadness, I hope the rather drunken and by standing room only people got this, there playing 19th March Café Euro just in case you was there to drunk to rember of just missed this kick in the head.

Flamingo Love Parade come into the room Hot Snax anyone? But with them you knew what you was getting, now if I was drunk? then I might have been like the rest jumping around it was time for home with some Antique Doll on the player, you what 3 pounds for three tracks in a low fi style fucking bargain, along with the donation pay into Cupids in Nooses all the better for seeing Treelover with a smile, but then there was music some love and joy in our harts..

They say the older you get the more deaths but 2 in one week, is somewhat hard to get your head round it is a very sad loss that of Colin Ward, he was the person who got me to understand Anarchy introduced me to likes of Emma Goldman Burkman Kropotkin another grate loss now we owe it to build the biggest DONT VOTE CAMPAIGN to introduce anarchist thought and practice to a wider group of people time to rise comrades..

This was for you Colin Ward and John Rety rest in peace comrades..

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